One hundred and fifty years ago, Texans were wrestling with big problems – energy, water, public safety, transportation, and economic development. Today these issues are as pressing as ever and new technologies allow us to look back at an earlier era to see how our predecessors addressed these vital issues in their own time.

This suite of public domain documents was selected as a foundation to preserve and to widen access to early writings on the geology of Texas. It encompasses samples of the works of many of the early geologic explorers and interpreters of Texas, and to this core we intend to continue adding both primary documents and historical reviews of early Texas geologic study. These works are important both politically and scientifically, and we hope they will bring to life part of the history of Texas that has been previously available only to those with access to research library collections.

These documents have been made available through the combined efforts and funding of the TX Treasures program of the Texas State Library, the University of Texas Libraries Digital Collections Services. As well as the, Walter Fund and the Library Support Fund of the UT Geology Foundation. We thank them for their generosity and support.

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