• Assessing risk to fresh water resources from long term CO2 injection- laboratory and field studies 

      Smyth, Rebecca C.; Hovorka, Susan D.; Lu, Jiemin; Romanak, Katherine D.; Partin, Judson W.; Wong, Corrine; Yang, Changbing (9th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, 2008-11-16)
      In developing a site for geologic sequestration, one must assess potential consequences of failure to adequately contain injected carbon dioxide (CO2). Upward migration of CO2 or displacement of saline water because of ...
    • Executive summary: Recent results of the SACROC groundwater geochemistry summary 

      Romanak, Katherine D.; Smyth, Rebecca C.; Yang, Changbing; Hovorka, Susan D.; Nicot, Jean-Philipe; Lu, Jiemin (Federal Requirements Under the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Geologic Sequestration (GS) Wells – Notice of Data Availability and Request for Comment (EPA-HQ-OW-2008- 0390-0297), 2008)