The Architectural Legacy of Herbert Miller Greene, featuring architectural drawings and archival material highlighting Greene's groundbreaking work, grew out of an exhibit that was on view in the Architecture and Planning Library at the University of Texas in 2005. This online exhibit celebrates the establishment of the John Greene Taylor Endowment for Collections Enhancement and recognizes the importance of Herbert Miller Greene's contributions to the field of architecture.

Herbert Miller Greene built more than ninety projects throughout Texas and other U.S. cities, and founded one of the oldest continuously-operating architectural firms in Texas.  139   images depicting 42 projects are reproduced in this exhibit. Unless otherwise noted, materials are from collections in the Alexander Architectural Archive, University of Texas Libraries.

Content available via The Architectural Legacy of Herbert Miller Greene Web site is drawn from several collections in the Alexander Architectural Archive, as well as courtesy of The Dallas Morning News, Mr. John Greene Taylor, and Mr. Peter Flagg Maxson. Collection information for each image appears on its respective record page.

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