• Bio::NEXUS: a Perl API for the NEXUS format for comparative biological data 

    Hladish, Thomas; Gopalan, Vivek; Liang, Chengzhi; Qiu, Weigang; Yang, Peter; Stoltzfus, Arlin (BMC Bioinformatics, 2014-12-15)
    Background: Evolutionary analysis provides a formal framework for comparative analysis of genomic and other data. In evolutionary analysis, observed data are treated as the terminal states of characters that have evolved ...
  • Biochemical characterization of the Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) ovarian progestin membrane receptor 

    Berg, A. Hakan; Thomas, Peter; Olsson, Per-Erik (Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 2014-12-15)
    Membrane progestin receptors are involved in oocyte maturation in teleosts. However, the maturation-inducing steroid (MIS) does not appear to be conserved among species and several progestins may fulfill this function. So ...
  • Biodiversity Conservation In Metacommunity Networks: Linking Pattern And Persistence 

    Economo, Evan P. (2015-09-09)
    A central goal of conservation science is to identify the most important habitat patches for maintaining biodiversity on a landscape. Spatial biodiversity patterns are often used for such assessments, and patches that ...
  • Biological order, structure and instabilities 

    Prigogine, I.; Nicolis, G. (Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics, 2014-04-23)
  • Biotechnological applications of mobile group II introns and their reverse transcriptases: gene targeting, RNA-seq, and non-coding RNA analysis 

    Enyeart, Peter J.; Mohr, Georg; Ellington, Andrew D.; Lambowitz, Alan M. (Mobile DNA Journal, 2014-12-15)
    Mobile group II introns are bacterial retrotransposons that combine the activities of an autocatalytic intron RNA (a ribozyme) and an intron-encoded reverse transcriptase to insert site-specifically into DNA. They recognize ...
  • Birthday Calls (Glenn) 

    Hopper, Robert, 1945-1998 (2009-07-16)
  • Black Hole Feedback On The First Galaxies 

    Jeon, M.; Pawlik, A. H.; Greif, T. H.; Glover, S. C. O.; Bromm, V.; Milosavljevic, M.; Klessen, R. S. (2015-04-16)
    We study how the first galaxies were assembled under feedback from the accretion onto a central black hole (BH) that is left behind by the first generation of metal-free stars through self-consistent, cosmological simulations. ...
  • Block copolymer orientation control using a top-coat surface treatment 

    Seshimo, Takehiro; Bates, Christopher M.; Dean, Leon M.; Cushen, Julia D.; Durand, William J.; Maher, Michael J.; Ellison, Christopher J.; Willson, C. Grant (The Conference of Photopolymer Science and Technology (CPST), 2013-08-16)
    Directed self-assembly of Si containing block copolymers (BCP) is a candidate for next generation patterning technology because it enables both high resolution and high etch contrast. Achieving high resolution requires a ...
  • BM-BC: a Bayesian method of base calling for Solexa sequence data 

    Ji, Yuan; Mitra, Riten; Quintana, Fernando; Jara, Alejandro; Mueller, Peter; Liu, Ping; Lu, Yue; Liang, Shoudan (BMC Bioinformatics, 2014-12-15)
    Base calling is a critical step in the Solexa next-generation sequencing procedure. It compares the position-specific intensity measurements that reflect the signal strength of four possible bases (A, C, G, T) at each ...
  • Bmp and Shh Signaling Mediate the Expression of satb2 in the Pharyngeal Arches 

    Sheehan-Rooney, Kelly; Swartz, Mary E.; Lovely, C. Ben; Dixon, Michael J.; Eberhart, Johann K. (Public Library of Science, 2013-05-24)
    In human, mutation of the transcription factor SATB2 causes severe defects to the palate and jaw. The expression and sequence of SATB2 is highly conserved across vertebrate species, including zebrafish. We sought to ...
  • Board Games: How Ceos Adapt To Increases In Structural Board Independence From Management 

    Westphal, J. D. (2015-04-16)
    This paper presents a model that incorporates the behavior of chief executive officers (CEOs) into an explanation of how boards of directors affect organizational outcomes. Hypotheses are tested with archival data on ...
  • Bob Krueger (politician) 

    Hopper, Robert, 1945-1998 (2009-08-06)
  • Bogue: Korean/American 

    Hopper, Robert, 1945-1998 (2009-08-14)
  • Borges y la política 

    Tatián, Diego, 1965- (2008-12-08)
    “Borges y la política” establece una conjunción que no es obvia y cuyos términos requieren ser explicitados. También será necesario demorarse en el nexo. Borges es, en primer lugar, un nombre propio. El de alguien que ...
  • Brian, Chris & Doug (age 5) 

    Hopper, Robert, 1945-1998 (2009-06-02)
  • Bright/ARID3A contributes to chromatin accessibility of the immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer 

    Lin, Danjuan; Ippolito, Gregory C.; Zong, Rui-Ting; Bryant, James; Koslovsky, Janet; Tucker, Philip (Molecular Cancer, 2014-12-15)
    Bright/ARID3A is a nuclear matrix-associated transcription factor that stimulates immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) expression and Cyclin E1/E2F-dependent cell cycle progression. Bright positively activates IgH transcriptional ...
  • Bringing Molecules Back into Molecular Evolution 

    Wilke, Claus O. (Public Library of Science, 2013-06-28)
    Much molecular-evolution research is concerned with sequence analysis. Yet these sequences represent real, three-dimensional molecules with complex structure and function. Here I highlight a growing trend in the field to ...
  • Broad network-based predictability of Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene loss-of-function phenotypes 

    McGary, Kriston L.; Lee, Insuk; Marcotte, Edward M. (Genome Biology, 2014-12-15)
    We demonstrate that loss-of-function yeast phenotypes are predictable by guilt-by-association in functional gene networks. Testing 1,102 loss-of-function phenotypes from genome-wide assays of yeast reveals predictability ...
  • Buelow Contredanses: Rising Lines 

    Neumeyer, David (2015-04-21)
    Pieces with rising cadence gestures in the contradance collections associated with Johan Bülow, court musician in Copenhagen in the late 18th century. This file surveys all seven collections (more than the article “Rising ...
  • Buffering by gene duplicates: an analysis of molecular correlates and evolutionary conservation 

    Hannay, Kevin; Marcotte, Edward M.; Vogel, Christine (BMC Genomics, 2014-12-15)
    Background: One mechanism to account for robustness against gene knockouts or knockdowns is through buffering by gene duplicates, but the extent and general correlates of this process in organisms is still a matter of ...