• Accounts of extinct and vanishing forms 

    Hanley, Nell (2006-05)
  • Cure 

    Thorne, Beau, 1978- (2006-05)
    This thesis consists of a feature-length screenplay, Cure, a process essay documenting the writing of Cure, and the short story “Mumbly Peg.”
  • Employing (and engineering) necessity : Emergency prom and The body 

    Moulds, Stephen Alexander (2011-05)
    This thesis document traces my writing process during the evolution of two play scripts, Emergency Prom and The Body. I examine these contrasting writing processes relative to the notion of necessity, as defined within. ...
  • God says no : a novel ; &, You must remember this : a screenplay 

    Hannaham, James (2006-05)
    God Says No is a novel purporting to be the testimonial of Gary Gray, a young black man coming of age in Charleston, South Carolina. Gary cannot reconcile his Christian faith with his homosexual desires. Eventually, before ...
  • Musical logic : an alternate theatrical language 

    Koogler, Abraham Victor (2014-05)
    This thesis is an examination of the concept of musical logic as a theatrical language, with my play Advance Man as a case study. This thesis synopsizes the play, and outlines the principles of musical logic, which is ...
  • Nothing has happened : a novel in stories ; &, Precious feather : a screenplay 

    Silverstein, Jake (2006-05)
    "Nothing Has Happened" is a book of eight chapters, four fictional and four nonfictional. The narrator remains the same for both the fiction and the non-fiction. He is essentially myself, or a prose-speaking version of ...
  • Texas bright 

    Jones, Kimberley Kaye (2006-05)
    This thesis consists of two feature-length screenplays, the drama Texas Bright, and the comedic drama The Summer of Breaking Into Public Pools, as well as "Funny Face," a spec script for the ABC medical drama, Grey's Anatomy.
  • Three plays : Flesh and the desert, 1:23, and Enchantment 

    Kreitzer, Carson Sarah (2006-05)
    My thesis consists of three plays: Flesh and the Desert, a kaleidoscopic portrait of Las Vegas, 1:23, an investigation into three recent cases of infanticide, and Enchantment, inspired by the complex life of Bruno Bettelheim, ...
  • Water and flour 

    Cutts, Matt Aaron; 0000-0002-4021-3233 (2016-05)
    This thesis is a feature screenplay entitled Water and Flour, a drama about a baker who gets embroiled with a gay couple after refusing to sell them a wedding cake. Included also is a process paper describing the evolution ...