• Atmahaú Pakmát 

      Quevedo, Cameron Gates (2017-05-08)
      A journey into the heart the US-Mexico borderlands reveals a world of ancient rivers, mud, and brick.
    • ATX television festival : fans, industry, and television in context 

      Lanier, Kelly Elizabeth (2017-10-26)
      The purpose of this report is to map the relationship between television festivals, film festivals, and pop culture conventions, using the ATX Television Festival as a case study. With television viewing practices changing ...
    • Auto X 

      Werner, Tomasz Pawel (2011-08)
      The following report describes the pre-production, production, and post-production of my short-narrative thesis film. Auto X is a short fiction film about the ramblings, arguments, and strange encounters in a day in the ...
    • Backstage : inside the genesis and execution of "About A Band" 

      McBride, John Earl Jr. (2015-08)
      "Backstage: Inside the Genesis and Execution of "About A Band'" details the shaping of the narrative in the second draft of the feature length screenplay "About A Band" and examines how the process was informed by influences ...
    • Bad Things 

      Lippold-Johnson, Miranda Khaye; 0000-0001-7718-7852 (2017-08-10)
      This report summarizes the process of creating the short film Bad Things. It covers the writing process, pre-production, production, and post-production. Bad Things was produced as a graduate thesis film in partial fulfillment ...
    • Bagunçaço : music for social change in Salvador, Brazil 

      Blake, Ashley Lauren (2012-12)
      The legacy of colonialism has left an impression on Brazil that is still strongly present today, particularly in the city of Salvador, Bahia, and the connection between race and class remains quite conspicuous throughout ...
    • Bahman Ghobadi's hyphenated cinema : an analysis of hybrid authorial strategies and cinematic aesthetics 

      Major, Anne Patrick (2012-05)
      This thesis examines Iranian-Kurdish filmmaker, Bahman Ghobadi’s authorial strategies and cinematic aesthetics through the theoretical and methodological lens of hybridity. According to Homi Bhabha, hybridity can be ...
    • Based on a true story : "The Gezi Film Poster Series" and the role of narrative in cultural history 

      Aksu, Leyla Aylin; 0000-0002-6418-6794 (2015-05)
      Focusing on a series of hypothetical film posters titled the "Gezi Movie Theatre Poster Series," commissioned by Istanbul's independent magazine Bant Mag, this thesis is a multi-methodological, exploratory case study ...
    • Batman, Time Warner, and franchise filmmaking in the conglomerate era 

      Owczarski, Kimberly Ann, 1975- (2008-05)
      Spanning the nearly two decades since the Time Warner merger and the arrival of Batman in theaters, this study explains how media conglomeration affects the development of key properties by providing an extensive understanding ...
    • Becoming a media activist : linking culture, identity, and web design 

      Fineman, Elissa Arra (2011-12)
      This dissertation explored two facets of media activism. It used a Life History research methodology to understand how someone becomes a media activist, and it employed a textual analysis to explain the visual interface ...
    • Benefits of dating ghost boyfriend : writing Free Spirit 

      Mayo, Christina Shea; 0000-0002-8474-3658
      The following report details the creative process behind writing the feature-length screenplay for Free Spirit, from the first seed of the story’s idea to the full-blown finished script. The report also includes reminiscences ...
    • Benefits of Internet use in supporting rural life : managing social networks and exchanging social support in a rural area 

      Park, Namsu (2010-05)
      The purpose of this study was (1) to examine rural residents’ perceived social support from Internet use for communication and (2) to understand the meanings associated with rural Internet users’ social media use, particularly ...
    • Bigger than hip-hop : music and politics in the hip-hop generation 

      Binfield, Marnie Ruth (2009-12)
      In 1988, rap group Public Enemy's front man Chuck D declared that hip-hop was the "black CNN." His assertion was that hip-hop music could be used as a tool to disseminate information amongst communities that traditionally ...
    • Blackout : did mainstream media censor SOPA coverage? 

      Tuma, Mary S. (2012-08)
      It is imperative the public be made aware of major media policy decisions to help take part in and shape the industry that they rely on to be an informed citizenry in a democracy. However, in an increasingly concentrated ...
    • Bleeding hearts : how revising a mediocre screenplay helped me find my voice 

      Pudas, Joseph Allen (2012-08)
      "Bleeding Hearts: How Revising a Mediocre Screenplay Helped Me Find My Voice" examines the development of Joseph Pudas’ feature screenplay Bleeding Hearts. It tracks the course of how Bleeding Hearts was written and provides ...
    • Blurring the line : television advertainment in the 1950s and present 

      Hernandez, Carolina, M.A. (2011-12)
      With the rise in product placement and integration on television in recent years, much of the popular press has discussed it as being a new phenomenon, one that has come about as a result of shifts in how audiences view ...
    • Bodies, identities, and voices on American idol 

      Boyd, Maria Suzanne (2010-08)
      This thesis examines the ways in which American Idol producers rely on the white, Christian, heterosexual, middle-class, Americanness of contestants’ bodies and identities to advance the show’s American Dream narrative. ...
    • Borderline 

      Ratner, Rebecca Hilary (2014-12)
      This report tracks the process of researching, developing, casting, directing and editing BORDERLINE, an hour-long documentary film. The film was produced as my graduate thesis film in the department of Radio-Television-Film ...
    • Born from love: the journey of Love Child 

      Knudsen, Vanessa Leigh 1984- (2011-08)
      “Born From Love: The Journey of Love Child” chronicles the development of Vanessa Knudsen’s script Love Child.
    • Bowling online : smartphones, mobile messengers, and mobile social games for Korean teen girls 

      Seo, Hogeun (2014-12)
      Due to their arduous schedules, Korean high school students have little time to socialize with their peers face-to-face. Because of this, socializing in online environments is important to them. Using smartphone applications, ...