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dc.contributor.editorJonckheere, Raymonden
dc.descriptionEditor's Notes -- Short Tracks -- Track Formation [Invited Article] / By Lewis T. Chadderton -- Ft-Irradiation Facilities At The Oregon State University Reactor / By John I. Garver -- B0 Value Of Uranium Doped Glasses: A Proposal For The Standardisation Of Fission-Track Ages [Invited Article] / By Tatsuo Suzuki -- A Long-Term Zircon Annealing Experiment / By Meinert Rahn -- Apatite Fission-Track Thermal History Modelling Using PC-Compatible Brazilian Software [Invited Article] / By Sandro Guedes, Julio C. Hadler Neto, P.J. Iunes, S.R. Paulo And Carlos A. Tello Sáenz -- Reactors In Flux: A Tabulation Of Irradiation Parameters For Several Reactors / By Edward Sobel -- Etch Times And Operator Variation For Spontaneous Track Length Measurements In Apatites: An Intra-Laboratory Check / By Diane Seward, Richard Spikings, Giulio Viola, Alex Kounov, Geoffrey Ruiz And Nancy Naeser -- The Thetis Reactor Of The Gent University (Belgium): Facilities For Irradiation Of Samples For Ft-Analysis / By Frans De Corte And Peter Van Den Haute -- Fission-Trackpapers 1998 To 2001 -- Ft Stage Systems [Paid Advertisement] -- Autoscan Products [Paid Advertisement] -- Directory of The International Fission-Track Community -- Call For Contributionsen
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universalen
dc.subjectOn Tracken
dc.subjectfission-track communityen
dc.subjectzicron annealingen
dc.subjectirradiation parametersen
dc.subjecturanium doped glassesen
dc.titleOn Track, Volume 10, Number 2en
dc.title.alternativeThe Newsletter of the International Fission-Track Communityen
dc.description.departmentUT Librariesen

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