• Circumstantial Architecture 

    Fernau, Richard; Hartman, Laura (1988-11-09)
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  • Geothermal systems: system types, applicability and environmental impacts 

    Morris, Alex; Sheets, Andrea (2009-11)
    Geothermal energy is often overlooked during discussions of green and sustainable energy sources. But due recent advances in technology and the rising cost of other energy sources, research now shows that geothermal systems ...
  • Indoor air quality 

    Kamholz, Jenna; Montry, Matthew (2009-11)
    Recent studies have shown that indoor air pollutant levels are often greater than the outdoor levels. This paper looks at types of pollutants and their causes, and describes various methods for improving indoor air quality.
  • Life cycle assessment 

    Powell, Ashleigh; Singer, Brad (2009-11)
    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) represents an emerging methodology aimed at comprehensively evaluating the environmental impacts of products, processes, or services through their life span. In the field of architecture, this ...