• Beyond Beijing: The Course of Women’s Struggle for Equal Opportunity in Japan 

    Naff, Clayton (IC² Institute, 1997-02)
    Discusses the opportunity for change in Japan towards a more gender-equitable system. Describes the role of women in Japan’s industrialization and development of its peculiar management system. Discusses the legal, corporate ...
  • Comparative population policy 

    Hardy, David McGrath (2011-05)
    In the last thirty years an increasing number of governments are taking an interest in the growth rate and age structure of their populations. The chief concern among advanced economies is that pay-as-you-go pension and ...
  • Doing Business with a High-Tech Focus in Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan 

    Cong, Dachang (IC² Institute, 1999-06)
    Introduces the economic conditions and high-tech research and development scenarios in post-crisis Asia. Explores challenges and opportunities for American high tech industries. Discusses issues related to doing business ...
  • Future Business in Japan: Opportunities or Threats? 

    Krueger, Stanley P. (IC² Institute, 1998-04)
    Describes the current state of Japan with an eye on the signs that show where the country is going, and how it may affect foreign businesses. Examines one established industry, aerospace, and one new industry, environmental, ...
  • How Visual Images Help Run Japanese Factories 

    Miller, Dr. Steven (IC² Institute, 1997-01)
    Discusses management and technical staff’s extensive use of visual images in the control system of Japanese factories to structure information so that everyone may understand the plan, execute it, identify errors and solve ...
  • International Human Resource Management in Japanese Multinationals 

    Bird, Allan (IC² Institute, 1999-07-21)
    Discusses the tactical decisions firms make in the process of establishing management systems in overseas subsidiaries and their strategic effects on the function of the management system as it relates to organizational ...
  • The Internet Age: Japan’s Challenge to E-Business 

    Takagi, Yuji (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 2000-05-03)
    Address by Yuji Takagi, General Manager of Mitsui & Co. (USA) Inc., on the future of the Internet industry in the context of Japanese business and consumer culture.
  • The Internet Age: Japan’s Challenge to E-Business 

    Takagi, Yuji (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 2000-05-03)
    Address by Yuji Takagi, General Manager of Mitsui & Co. (USA) Inc., on the future of the Internet industry in the context of Japanese business and consumer culture.
  • Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Japan? 

    Kubarych, Roger M. (IC² Institute, 1999-07-21)
    Explores Japan’s economic predicament and prospects for eventual recovery. Describes the origins of Japan’s economic issues and draws contrasts between Japan and America/Europe in terms of human resources, finance and ...
  • Japan and a New International Security Paradigm 

    DiFilippo, Anthony (IC² Institute, 1999-03-11)
    Argues that Japan has the potential to be recognized as a post-Cold War superpower, but has not been able to do so because of a lack of military/nuclear power and its alignment with the U.S. Discusses two security options, ...
  • Japanese Entrepreneurship and Opportunities for Partnering 

    Nishiyama, Hidehiko (IC² Institute, 1999-06-29)
    As part of the Japan Industry and Management of Technology (JIMT) Speaker Series, discusses the importance of entrepreneurship and new technologies in securing Japan’s full economic recovery from the current economic slump. ...
  • Japanese Multimedia Industry Update 

    Sytles, Chris (IC² Institute, 1996-02)
    Discusses a new trend among Japan’s giant electronics and telecommunications companies and ministries: a concerted effort to develop a multimedia society like the one growing in the U.S. Describes efforts by Japanese ...
  • Marketing’s War on Japanese Culture Memory 

    Lamont, Douglas (IC² Institute, 1998-10-08)
    Describes research showing how American brands come to dominate similar market segments in developed and emerging countries. Discusses recent evidence suggesting that product standardization and promotion adaptation, rather ...
  • The Politics of Sustainable Development in Japan 

    Park, Jacob (IC² Institute, 1999-01-28)
    Discusses three important questions and issues regarding Japan’s role in global environmental affairs: how the environmental movement has evolved in Japan; what the country’s major environmental policy challenges are on ...
  • Remixing Religion: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference 

    Weisenfeld, Judith; Muir, Scott; Sienna, Noam; Tepera, Courtney; Hazard, Sonia; Mundra, Anil; Ceriello, Linda; Adelakun, Abimbola; Kane, Ross; Loar, Jonathan; Maldonado, Alyssa; Frankfurter, David; Comerford, Bennett DiDente; Mazhjoo, Nina; Tobolowsky, Andrew; Greenlee, Robert; Hernandez, E. J.; Kerby, Lauren; MacCormack, Ian (2014-04-04)
    Religions mix. Scholars of religion have employed a variety of terms to describe the processes and results of religious mixing, including syncretism, hybridity, creolization, bricolage, transculturation, and blending. ...
  • A Retrospective and Prospects of the Fifth Generation Computer Project 

    Ishikawa, Akira (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 1993-09)
    Report on the Fifth Generation Computer Systems (FGCS) project undertaken by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in the period 1982-1992. The Fifth Generation Computer was developed using a ...
  • Structural Gaiastu: International Finance and Political Change in Japan 

    Pempel, T.J. (IC² Institute, 1999-04-21)
    Argues that the principal contributor to changes in Japan’s political economy is the decline of Japanese governmental control over capital flows and foreign exchange rates brought about by structural “gaiatsu”, or direct ...
  • Trade, Corporatism, Clusters, and Japan as Bellweather 

    Phillips, Fred Y. (IC² Institute, 1999-02)
    Remarks on the trend toward corporatism in the U.S. and outlines the latest developments, namely the MAI treaty, and examines how what we know about Japanese business and society does and does not signal what we can expect ...
  • Vocational Education in Japan and Texas, PRP 100 

    Rickards, Robert; Lein, Laura (LBJ School of Public Affairs, 1992)