• Variable Speed Operation of Turbogenerators to Improve Part-load Efficiency 

      Li, D.; Dougal, R.A.; Thirunavukarasu, E.; Ouroua, A. (IEEE, 2013-04)
      Our investigation of variable speed operation of turbogenerators, including both single-shaft and twin-shaft variants, shows significant opportunities to improve part-load efficiency in those certain electrical power ...
    • Viscoelasticity of Composite Structures for Compulsators 

      Thompson, R.C.; Brinkman, W.G.; Kitzmiller, J.R.; Walls, W.A.; Beno, J.H. (, 1998-05)
      The University of Texas at Austin Center for Electromechanics (UT-CEM) is a research center which specializes in pulse power technology. DoD's mission for high performance power sources has lead UT-CEM to incorporate ...
    • VPI Processes and Resin Evaluations for CPA Electrical Windings 

      Brinkman, W.G.; Kitzmiller, J. R.; Werst, M. D. (, undated)
      High energy density requirements for fieldable electric gun applications has led to the air-core compensated pulsed alternator (CPA) or compulsator as the generator of choice to provide pulse power. The air-core nature of ...
    • Waveform-level time-domain simulation comparison study of three shipboard power system architectures 

      Lee, Y.; Zivi, E.; Langston, J.; Steurer, M.; Dougal, R.A.; Zhang, Y.; Crider, J.; Sudhoff, S.D.; Hebner, R.; Ouroua, A. (, 2012)
      Detailed waveform-level modeling and simulation of three alternative shipboard power system architectures is presented herein. The three system architectures are based on conventional 60Hz medium-voltage ac (MVAC), ...
    • Welding and Billet Heating with Hompolar Generators 

      Walters, J. B.; Aanstoos, T. A. (American Society for Metals, 1985-04)
    • Working field theory problems with random walks 

      Davey, K.R.; (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2005)
      Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how Monte Carlo methods can be applied to the solution of field theory problems. Design – This objective is achieved by building insight from Laplacian field ...
    • X-Ray Diagnostics for the Single Shot Laboratory Gun 

      Hotz, T.J.; Hahne, J.J. (IEEE, 1993-01)
      The projectile packages being fired out of the 90-mm single shot gun at the Center for Electromechanics at the University of Texas at Austin (CEM-UT) have evolved into designs consisting of rods capable of penetrating ...