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      Authors Name
      Pantin, Anita [6]
      Parker, Carol [1]
      Patrick Wong [1]
      Pavlik, Carolyn [4]
      Percussion: Michael Silverwise (Journey Into the Light) [1]
      Performance Artist: Tomie Hahn [2]
      Performer: Yacov Sharir [1]
      Performers in The Circular Ruins: Corey Jones (Narrator), Monique Lara (God), Michel Scott and Colum Morgan (Oarsmen) [3]
      Performers: Andrea Beckham, Christopher Boyd, Jose Luis Bustamante, Marcia Dick, Stephen Marcello, Carolyn Pavlik, Roxanne Saenz, Charles Santos, Kate Warren (Yet Untitled); Marcia Dick, Carolyn Pavlik, Roxanne Saenz (Answers); Jose Luis Bustamante, Tina Marsh, Yacov Sharir, Jimmy Turner (The Blind Man); Andrea Beckham, Christopher Boyd, Marcia Dick, Stephen Marcello, Carolyn Pavlik, Roxanne Saenz (The Lube Adnube); Andrea Beckham, Marcia Dick, Charles Santos, Christopher Boyd, Stephen Marcello, Roxanne Saenz, Jose Luis Bustamante, Carolyn Pavlik, Kate Warren (Tlon) [1]
      Performers: Carolyn Pavlik, Andee Scott (Henrietta & Alexandra); Jose Luis Bustamante, Laura Cannon, Terry Hardy, Carolyn Pavlik, Andee Scott (Entre lo que me Quieres y te Quiero); Mike Aaron, Jose Luis Bustamante (Six Distances); Laura Cannon, Terry Hardy, Ruth Margraff, Carolyn Pavlik, Andee Scott, Yacov Sharir (Drums Suite) [1]
      Performers: Tina Marsh, Jimmhy Turner, Yacov Sharir (Three) [1]
      Pianist: Billy Wolfe (Through the Mountain) [1]
      Piano: Jacob Dupree [1]
      Pinkston, Russell [2]
      Poet/Performer: Lisa D'Amour [6]
      Poet/Performer: Lisa D'Amour (Automated Body Project) [1]
      Poetry: "AdMortuos" by Stephanie Pope, read by LaQuetta Carpenter [1]
      Pograjc, Matjaz [1]
      Prechter, Diana [5]
      Production Manager: Amarante L. Lucero [3]