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  • Remixing Religion: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference 

    Weisenfeld, Judith; Muir, Scott; Sienna, Noam; Tepera, Courtney; Hazard, Sonia; Mundra, Anil; Ceriello, Linda; Adelakun, Abimbola; Kane, Ross; Loar, Jonathan; Maldonado, Alyssa; Frankfurter, David; Comerford, Bennett DiDente; Mazhjoo, Nina; Tobolowsky, Andrew; Greenlee, Robert; Hernandez, E. J.; Kerby, Lauren; MacCormack, Ian (2014-04-04)
    Religions mix. Scholars of religion have employed a variety of terms to describe the processes and results of religious mixing, including syncretism, hybridity, creolization, bricolage, transculturation, and blending. ...
  • The Way I See It: Reflections of an Arab-American Journalist on the Middle East, Media and the State of Journalism 

    Mohyeldin, Ayman (2014-04-24)
    Ayman Mohyeldin is a Foreign Correspondent for NBC News based in Cairo. Prior to joining NBC, Ayman was a correspondent for Al Jazeera English based in Cairo where he was at the epicenter of Arab uprisings covering the ...
  • Poets and Teachers in Hades: The Katabasis as Authorial Satire 

    Nilsson, Ingela (2014-04-29)
    This lecture will focus on the underworld as a place where one may encounter authors and intellectuals of the past or the present; a platform where their issues may be displayed and discussed. These discussions may function ...
  • Leaving Iberia: A Mufti, His Fatwa, and the Islamic Obligation to Emigrate 

    Hendrickson, Jocelyn (2014-04-11)
    During the fall of al-Andalus (known to Christians as the reconquista) some of the first substantial Muslim populations came under permanent non-Muslim rule. For centuries, Muslims had lived alongside Jews and Christians ...