Publications of the Institute of Marine Science volume 8

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Title: Publications of the Institute of Marine Science volume 8
Author: University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Description: Table of Contents. Institute of Marine Science, Staff and Students for 1960, 1961 (p. iii) -- Fish Production and Biomass Studies in Relation to Photosynthesis in the Laguna Madre of Texas / by Thomas R. Hellier, Jr. (p. 1) -- Further Studies on Reaeration and Metabolism of Texas Bays, 1958-1960 / by Howard T. Odum and Ronald F. Wilson (p. 23) -- Some Bacterial Populations in Turbid and Clear Sea Water Near Port Aransas, Texas / by Carl H. Oppenheimer and Holger W. Jannasch (p. 56) -- Algal Mat Communities of Lyngbya confervoides (C. Agardh) Gomont / by Lazern O. Sorensen and John T. Conover (p. 61) -- Zinc in a Texas Bay / by Patrick L. Parker (p. 75) -- The Microbial Decomposition of Organic Carbon in Surface Sediments of Marine Bays of the Central Texas Gulf Coast / by Carol M. Volkmann and Carl H. Oppenheimer (p. 80) -- Some Aspects of Osmotic and Ionic Regulations in the Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus, and the Ghost Crab, Ocypode albicans / by Charles A. Gifford (p. 97) -- Osmotic and Ionic Concentrations in the Mantis Shrimp, Squilla empusa Say / by Byung Don Lee and William N. McFarland (p. 126) -- Phosphorus Content of Some Fishes and Shrimp in the Gulf Coast of Mexico / by Kenneth T. Marvin and Larence M. Lansford (p. 143) -- Chaetognatha from the Texas Coast / by E. Lowe Pierce (p. 147) -- An Ecological Survey of the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas, 1953-1959 / by Joseph P. Breuer (p. 153) -- A Study of Redfish, Sciaenops ocellata Linnaeus and Black Drum, Pogonias cromis Linnaeus / by Ernest G. Simmons and Joseph P. Breuer (p. 184) -- Effect of Hydraulic Dredging on Sedimentation / by Thomas R. Hellier, Jr. and Louis S. Kornicker (p. 212) -- Shrimp Landings and Production of the State of Texas for the Period 1956-1959, with a Comparison with Other Gulf States / by Gordon Gunter (p. 216) -- Marine Algae from the Gulf Coast of Texas and Mexico / by H.J. Humm and H.H. Hildebrand (p. 227) -- Phytoplankton of the Eastern Mississippi Delta / by Ernest G. Simmons and William H. Thomas (p. 269) -- Fishes of Rio Tamesi and Related Coastal Lagoons in East Central Mexico, with Notes on their Distribution, Ecology, and Zoogeographic Relations / by Rezneat M. Darnell (p. 299) -- Mollusks of Alacran Reef, Campeche Bank, Mexico / by Winnie H. Rice and Louis S. Kornicker (p. 366) -- Chronological Record of Contributions from the Institute of Marine Science 1945-1960 (p. 394)
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Marine biology --Gulf Coast (U.S.) Marine biology -- Mexico, Gulf of
Date: 1962

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