Publications of the Institute of Marine Science volume 5

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Title: Publications of the Institute of Marine Science volume 5
Author: University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Description: Table of Contents. Effect of the Microbial Production of Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide on the pH of Recent Sediments / by Carl Oppenheimer and Louis S. Kornicker (p. 5) -- Comparative Studies on the Metabolism of Marine Waters / by Howard T. Odum and Charles M. Hoskin (p. 16) -- Diurnal pH Variation in Texas Bays, and its Application to Primary Production Estimation / by Kilho Park, Donald W. Hood, and Howard T. Odum (p. 47) -- The Chlorophyll "A" of Communities / by Howard T. Odum, William McConnell, and Walter Abbott (p. 65) -- Seasonal Growth of Benthic Marine Plants as Related to Environmental Factors in an Estuary / by John T. Conover (p. 97) -- Artificially Formed Mud Balls / by Louis S. Kornicker, Carl H. Oppenheimer, and John T. Conover (p. 148) -- Notes on Blanquilla Reef, the Most Northerly Coral Formation in the Western Gulf of Mexico / by Donald R. Moore (p. 151) -- Evidence for Fossil Bacteria in Phosphate Rocks / by Carl H. Oppenheimer (p. 156) -- A Bacterium Causing Tail Rot in the Norwegian Codfish / by Carl H. Oppenheimer (p. 160) -- An Incidence of Pink Oysters in Galveston Bay, Texas / by Richard Y. Morita (p. 163) -- The Drop-Net Quadrat, a New Population Sampling Device / by Thomas R. Hellier, Jr. (p. 165) -- Fluctuations in the Relative Abundance of Sport Fishes as Indicated by the Catch at Port Aransas, Texas 1952-1956 / by Victor G. Springer and Jacques Pirson (p. 169) -- Population Studies of the Shallow Water Fishes of an Outer Beach in South Texas / by Gordon Gunter (p. 186) -- Ecology and Taxonomy of Recent Marine Ostracodes in the Bimini Area, Great Bahama Bank / by Louis S. Kornicker (p. 194) -- Trematode Parasites of Donax variabilis at Mustang Island, Texas / by Sewell H. Hopkins (p. 301) -- A Partially Annotated Checklist of the Marine Fishes of Texas / by Hinton D. Hoese (p. 312) -- Food Habits of Fishes and Larger Invertebrates of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, and Estuarine Community / by Rezneat M. Darnell (p. 353) -- Systematics and Zoogeography of the Clinid Fishes of the Subtribe Labrisomini Hubbs / by Victor G. Springer (p. 417)
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Texas coastal fishes Marine biology --Gulf Coast (U.S.) Marine biology -- Mexico, Gulf of
Date: 1958

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