• The challenges and opportunities in tuberculosis control, from Texas to Afghanistan 

    Eckhoff, Grace (2010-05)
    Tuberculosis is one of the most ancient human pathogens. Very early in the history of humans, tuberculosis spread throughout the world and currently infects one third of the world’s population1. Tuberculosis, both as a ...
  • Introduction of civil rights, civil liberties and social welfare legislation by U.S. Representatives in Texas 

    Geoffroy, Kyler (2014)
    In recent years, the media has tended to spotlight controversial legislation that (whether intended or not) limits access to public services and/or civil liberties. A prime example of this is the voter identification ...
  • Planning Forum Volume 01 

    Powell, Laura (The University of Texas School of Architecture, 1995)
  • Planning Forum Volume 02 

    Powell, Leilah (The University of Texas School of Architecture, 1996)
  • Planning Forum Volume 03 

    Walker, Jim (The University of Texas School of Architecture, 1997)
  • Planning Forum Volume 04 / 05 

    Morales, Tammy (The University of Texas School of Architecture, 1999)
  • Planning Forum Volume 12 

    Bushman, Kate; Geruso, April (The University of Texas School of Architecture, 2006)
  • Planning Forum Volume 13 / 14 

    Jaramillo, Catherine; Qi, Meng (University of Texas School of Architecture, 2009-05)
  • Planning Forum Volume 16 

    Sinel, Martin; Rowlinson, Thomas (University of Texas School of Architecture, 2015-05-01)
    Featuring work on participatory planning in Mexico; master planning in face of disaster in Skopje, Macedonia; preparing urban planners for economic decline in North America; housing and gentrification in East Austin; Imagine ...
  • Planning Forum Volume 16 

    Rowlinson, Thomas; Sinel, Martin (University of Texas School of Architecture, 2015-05)
  • Planning Forum Volume 17 

    Garner Frey, Brianna; Ogusky, Adam; Sinel, Martin (2016)
    Volume 17 features work on the community revitalization provisions of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Texas allocation plans; a transregional scale of analysis for economic communities; the persistent issues of racial ...
  • School closure response to an influenza epidemic in AISD 

    van de Geijn, Bryce (2010)
    Influenza epidemics cause costs to society in a number of ways. Work hours are lost directly when infected adults stay home from work and indirectly when infected kids miss school, forcing their parents to miss work. ...
  • Validation of multiplex real-time PCR tests for intestinal parasites 

    Bian, Louis (2014)
    Introduction: Parasitic infections are one of the most common human infections around the world, especially in refugees. The current standard of diagnosis for parasitic infections is microscopy of stool specimens. However ...