• Language & Video Games: A Cross-Genre Approach 

      Ting, Shu Jie (2018-05)
      Online multiplayer games are often thought to promote "toxic" or negative language due to their competitive nature and need for cooperation from teammates. This study will investigate language patterns of players from ...
    • Literature & Video Games 

      Bennett, Mitchell; Bui, Janet; Choi, Hojun; Dailey, Casimir; DeVoglaer, Ian; Hill, Matt; Kelley, Andrew; Kuan, Carol; Garris Malpass, Timothy; Morris, K.C.; Myers, Britannia; Price, Shannon; Rendon III, Carlos; Spalding, Audrey; Staggs, Kristine; Stearns, Kendall; Wells, Terral (2012-12-12)