The mission of the Texas Undergraduate Law Review is to enrich the education of Texas undergraduate students by providing a forum to develop the skills essential to legal scholarship.

We seek to raise awareness of current legal issues, encourage and facilitate academic discourse, and uphold the values of learning, discovery, leadership, academic integrity, and scholarly research.

History & Vision

The chief purpose of the Texas Undergraduate Law Review is to encourage undergraduate students with a passion for contemporary legal issues to pursue their passion through scholarly and academic research. We give undergraduate students across the nation the opportunity to engage legal research and writing and have their work published in a nationally reviewed academic journal.

When the founders of the Texas Undergraduate Law Review arrived at The University of Texas at Austin, they were immediately amazed by the boundless opportunities for students to explore their passions. However, among the numerous opportunities for research and exploration, each of them noticed that there was not an avenue through which students interested in law could seriously engage their interests - and so the Texas Undergraduate Law Review was born.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Sarah Weddington, and with her help as an adviser, Philip Wiseman, Pedro Villalobos, and Ali Raza founded TexasULR and the Texas Undergraduate Law Review Journal.

Today, TexasULR continues in its original purpose of inspiring the generations of undergraduate students to explore their interests in contemporary legal issues and publish their work in an academic journal.

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