• How Digital Badges Work 

      COERLL (2013-10-15)
      Digital badges allow language educators to earn credentials for the 21st century classroom and share them with the world. See how reputable badge issuers provide opportunities for educators to showcase their skills and ...
    • How to Search for Openly Licensed Educational Resources 

      COERLL (2012-10-15)
      The growing body of online educational resources is helping to create universal access to language education. This is a good thing. However, finding openly licensed educational resources (OER)—which can be edited, built ...
    • Open Educational Resources: The Basics 

      COERLL (2014-03-15)
      This convenient, printable fact sheet contains basic introductory information about Open Educational Resources (OER). It briefly defines OER, explains why open licenses are important to OER, lists the potential benefits ...
    • Voices for Openness in Language Learning 

      COERLL (2012-05-01)
      Voices for Openness in Language Learning features personal stories from a world-wide community of collaborators—forward-thinking students, educators, content developers, and technologists carrying the banner of Open Education ...
    • What Makes Students Click: Computer Environments for Language and Culture Learning 

      Chun, Dorothy M. (Texas Language Technology Center, 2007-02-05)