• Beyond Beijing: The Course of Women’s Struggle for Equal Opportunity in Japan 

      Naff, Clayton (IC² Institute, 1997-02)
      Discusses the opportunity for change in Japan towards a more gender-equitable system. Describes the role of women in Japan’s industrialization and development of its peculiar management system. Discusses the legal, corporate ...
    • Gaming: A Technology Forecast 

      Brazell, Jim Brodie; Kim, Nicholas; Starbuck, Honoria (Texas State Technical College, 2004)
      Forecast of trends in the digital game industry, including economic impact and workforce needs, with recommendations for Texas community and technical colleges.
    • M2M: The Wireless Revolution 

      Brazell, Jim Brodie; Donoho, Laurel; Dexheimer, John; Hanneman, Robert; Langdon, George (2005-01)
      Forecast of the economic impact and educational needs associated with M2M technologies in the state of Texas. M2M stands for "machine to machine" and refers to technologies which enable networking or remote access to devices ...