• Beyond the Digital Economy: A Perspective on Innovation for the Learning Society 

      Conceição, Pedro; Gibson, David V.; Heitor, Manuel V.; Sirilli, Giorgio (2000)
      In view of the current socio-economic context, in which innovation is a key driving force for the sustainable development, which challenges are facing education and research to enhance and nurture innovation and better ...
    • Building and Creating the Future of the South: Breakthrough Partnerships for the 21st Century 

      Kozmetsky, George (IC² Institute, 1997-06-23)
      In a presentation to the Southern Growth Policy Board’s 1997 Conference on the Future of the South, argues that partnership, including Public Private Partnerships, for the 21st century needs to be about winning combinations. ...
    • Characteristics of Technology Transfer in Business Ventures: The Case of Daejeon, Korea 

      Sung, Tae Kyung; Gibson, David V.; Kang, Byung-Su (, 2003)
      This article explores the characteristics of venture business and entrepreneurs in Korea to (1) identify technology transfer activities, (2) analyze the differences between technology transfer in linear and nonlinear venture ...
    • The Economic and Workforce Impacts of Hurricane Katrina, Demographic and Related Changes on NASA's Space Shuttle Program 

      King, Christopher T.; Kellison, J. Bruce; Smith, Tara; Evans, Eliza; Anderson, MaryAnn; Merjanian, Ara; Hadley, Bryan; Stackhouse, Andrew (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 2007-03-30)
      Two reports on the economic and workforce effects of Hurricane Katrina, aging workforce and related factors on NASA's Space Shuttle Program efforts along the Gulf Coast. The research was conducted by a joint team from the ...
    • Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Japan? 

      Kubarych, Roger M. (IC² Institute, 1999-07-21)
      Explores Japan’s economic predicament and prospects for eventual recovery. Describes the origins of Japan’s economic issues and draws contrasts between Japan and America/Europe in terms of human resources, finance and ...
    • Japan and a New International Security Paradigm 

      DiFilippo, Anthony (IC² Institute, 1999-03-11)
      Argues that Japan has the potential to be recognized as a post-Cold War superpower, but has not been able to do so because of a lack of military/nuclear power and its alignment with the U.S. Discusses two security options, ...
    • Japanese Banking Reform: Will It Be In Time? 

      Sazanami, Yoko (IC² Institute, 1998-11-05)
      Discusses, as an interim report by an academic involved in the emergency policy package to stabilize the Japanese financial system, the objective of the capital injection to 21 banks in March 1998, the merger package and ...
    • Japanese Multimedia Industry Update 

      Sytles, Chris (IC² Institute, 1996-02)
      Discusses a new trend among Japan’s giant electronics and telecommunications companies and ministries: a concerted effort to develop a multimedia society like the one growing in the U.S. Describes efforts by Japanese ...
    • Knowledge for Inclusive Development: The Challenges of Globally Integrated Learning and Implications for Science and Technology Policy 

      Conceição, Pedro; Gibson, David V.; Heitor, Manuel V.; Sirilli, Giorgio (1999-12)
      As the importance of knowledge creation and diffusion is increasingly recognized as a major driver of economic growth, questions are starting to emerge on how to establish the conditions that foster the processes of ...
    • Opportunity on the Horizon: Photovoltaics in Texas 

      Kellison, J. Bruce; Evans, Eliza; Houlihan, Katharine; Hoffman, Michael; Kuhn, Michael; Serface, Joel; Pham, Tuan (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 2007-06)
      Report on the economic potential of the solar energy industry in Texas.
    • The Politics of Sustainable Development in Japan 

      Park, Jacob (IC² Institute, 1999-01-28)
      Discusses three important questions and issues regarding Japan’s role in global environmental affairs: how the environmental movement has evolved in Japan; what the country’s major environmental policy challenges are on ...
    • Regulation and American Business 

      Echeverri-Carroll, Elsie L.; Ayala, Sofía G. (Hoover Institution, Stanford University, 2009-06)
      This article examines the cost of federal regulations for U.S. businesses and U.S. international competitiveness, as well as one proposal to address the issue, the Competitiveness Impact Statement (CIS). A review of the ...
    • Regulation and Competitiveness of U.S. Businesses: Is It Time for a Competitive Impact Statement? 

      Echeverri-Carroll, Elsie L.; Ayala, Sofía G. (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008)
      This report addresses the question of whether there is a need for a Competitiveness Impact Statement (CIS) attached to proposed legislation in the U.S. A review of the literature on the cost of complying with federal ...
    • Structural Gaiastu: International Finance and Political Change in Japan 

      Pempel, T.J. (IC² Institute, 1999-04-21)
      Argues that the principal contributor to changes in Japan’s political economy is the decline of Japanese governmental control over capital flows and foreign exchange rates brought about by structural “gaiatsu”, or direct ...
    • Texas: The State of Manufacturing: A Secretary of Manufacturing for Texas 

      IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 2006)
      Report on the importance of manufacturing to the Texas economy and on proposals to create a Secretary of Manufacturing to promote manufacturing in Texas.