• Application Driven Theory: Rigorously Combining Applied and Basic Research Relevant to Accounting and Marketing 

      Golden, Linda L.; Cooper, William W.; Brockett, Patrick L. (Journal of Accounting & Marketing, 2012-01)
      In this editorial, the authors argue that accounting and marketing research can be both practically relevant and theoretically well-grounded, if a paradigm of application driven theory is adopted and rigorously applied. ...
    • Committed Costs vs. Uncertainty in New Product Development 

      Phillips, Fred Y.; Srivastava, R. (IC² Institute, 1993-01)
      Discusses the nature of committed and determined costs in a new product development project, and quantifies their relationship to project uncertainty. Introduces the concept of product, process, schedule and market (PPSM) ...
    • Marketing’s War on Japanese Culture Memory 

      Lamont, Douglas (IC² Institute, 1998-10-08)
      Describes research showing how American brands come to dominate similar market segments in developed and emerging countries. Discusses recent evidence suggesting that product standardization and promotion adaptation, rather ...
    • Texas Business Review, December 1955 

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    • Texas Business Review, November 1975 

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