• Doing Business with a High-Tech Focus in Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan 

      Cong, Dachang (IC² Institute, 1999-06)
      Introduces the economic conditions and high-tech research and development scenarios in post-crisis Asia. Explores challenges and opportunities for American high tech industries. Discusses issues related to doing business ...
    • International Human Resource Management in Japanese Multinationals 

      Bird, Allan (IC² Institute, 1999-07-21)
      Discusses the tactical decisions firms make in the process of establishing management systems in overseas subsidiaries and their strategic effects on the function of the management system as it relates to organizational ...
    • Newer Concepts of Management, Profits, and Profitability: Summaries and New Directions 

      Kozmetsky, George; Ruefli, Timothy W. (IC² Institute, 1973-10)
      Forecast of the impact of new information technologies on management in the period 1971-1990. Summarizes and extends three studies commissioned by the Conference Board in 1970.
    • Rewrapping the Package: Managerial Incentives and Corporate Governance 

      Parrino, Robert (Bureau of Business Research, The University of Texas at Austin, 2002-12)
      The modern corporation is an efficient means of organizing large-scale production because it encourages efficient contracting. The corporate form of organization also facilitates combining the capital from many dispersed ...
    • Synergy for the 21st Century: Between Unstructured Problems and Management Planning Controls 

      Kozmetsky, George (IC² Institute, 1997-10-27)
      In the plenary address to the INFORMS Dallas Fall 2007 conference for Operations Research and Management Sciences (OR/MS), discusses the synergy between OR/MS and digital technology. Describes historically and prospectively ...
    • Texas Business Review, August 1961 

      May, Francis B.; Ryan, Robert H.; White, John Arch; Bettinger, Charles O., III; Lambeth, Ida M. (Bureau of Business Research, The University of Texas at Austin, 1961-08)
    • Texas Business Review, December 1957 

      May, Francis B.; Neel, George E., Jr.; Sutherland, Robert L.; Casey, Buford A.; Wich, Richard A.; Byrd, James A.; Drenner, Robert H. (Bureau of Business Research, The University of Texas at Austin, 1957-12)
    • Women Leadership Roles 

      Kosmetzky, Ronya (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 1983-06)
      Recent history and future trends of leadership roles for women, as well as the author's guidelines for women leaders. Speech delivered to the Amarillo Women's Network in Amarillo, Texas on May 17, 1983.
    • Zero TimeTM: A Conceptual Architecture for 21st Century Enterprises 

      Yeh, Raymond T.; Pearlson, Keri (IC² Institute, 1998-05-30)
      Discusses Zero Time, or manipulating time as an independent variable, as critical to any enterprise’s success in the 21st Century. Discusses five disciplines of a Zero Time organization (customer value driven, knowledgization, ...