As an interdisciplinary research unit of The University of Texas at Austin, the IC² Institute has advanced the Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurial Wealth Creation. The theories and hypotheses developed at IC² are tested in life-scale through several world-recognized programs: the Austin Technology Incubator, one of the world's most prominent business incubators, the Bureau of Business Research, to provide Texas leaders with research data to strengthen the state’s economy, and the Global Commercialization Group, to catalyze emerging knowledge-based economies throughout the world. Supporting these programs is a proactive staff, the alumni of ATI, as well as a network of about 160 active Global Fellows who extend the talent reach of the institute at home and abroad. Eighteen of these are Endowed Fellows: professors at The University of Texas at Austin whose research is supplemented by the IC² Institute in order to directly support the creation of new knowledge.

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Recent Submissions

  • Health and Well-Being: Texas Statewide Sexual Assault Prevalence Study 

    Busch-Armendariz, Noël B.; Olaya-Rodriguez, Deidi; Kammer-Kerwick, Matt; Wachter, Karin; Sulley, Caitlin; Anderson, Kathleen; Huslage, Melody
    Final report from a study conducted in 2015 on the prevalence of sexual assault in Texas. The study was based on a statewide telephone survey conducted in English and Spanish using a randomly selected, representative sample ...
  • How Magnets Attract and Repel: Interessement in a Technology Commercialization Competition 

    Spinuzzi, Clay; Nelson, Scott; Thomson, Keela S.; Lorenzini, Francesca; French, Rosemary A.; Pogue, Gregory P.; London, Noelle
    K6015, a South Korean firm seeking to commercialize its magnet technology in the US market, entered a technology commercialization training program structured as a competition. Through this program, K6015 (and others in ...
  • IC² Institute Update, Fall/Winter 2015 

    IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin
    Fall/winter 2015 issue of the IC² Institute newsletter. Topics in this issue include: IC² Institute activities in Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, and Turkey; the Austin ...
  • Technology Entrepreneurship in Indonesia and Kenya 

    Eaton, David J.; Leist, Alexander
    During 2014-2015, The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs (LBJ School) and the IC² Institute of The University of Texas at Austin, in cooperation with National Instruments unit Planet NI, based in Austin, Texas, ...
  • The Energy-Water Nexus: An Analysis and Comparison of Various Conjurations Integrating Desalination with Renewable Power 

    Gold, Gary M.; Webber, Michael E. (MDPI, 2015-09-15)
    This investigation studies desalination powered by wind and solar energy, including a study of a configuration using PVT solar panels. First, a water treatment was developed to estimate the power requirement for brackish ...
  • Who Regulates It? Water Policy and Hydraulic Fracturing in Texas 

    Cook, Margaret A.; Huber, Karen L.; Webber, Michael E. (Texas Water Journal, 2015-09-15)
    Hydraulic fracturing, the injection of a pressurized fluid mixture of mostly water, sand and a small amount of chemicals (frac fluids), increases extraction rates and recovery of oil or gas. The technique has become ...
  • The Market Opportunity for Multiple Antenna Technology for Next Generation Broadband Wireless Systems 

    Airy, Manish; Defossé, Erin; Heath, Robert W. Jr.; Shakkottai, Sanjay (Hong Kong Mobility Roundtable, 2015-09-10)
    The rapid growth of the Internet user base and of bandwidth-hungry applications in recent years has created a need for broadband wireless (BW) access for residential and business consumers. The only predictable trend is ...
  • Co-creation by Commenting: Participatory Ways to Write Quicklook® Reports 

    Jakobs, Eva-Maria; Spinuzzi, Clay; Digmayer, Claas; Pogue, Gregory P. (IEEE, 2015-09-09)
    The authors examined comments in revisions of 24 Quicklook® reports that were written to provide market feedback to entrepreneurs. Most Quicklook reports underwent a revision cycle, and the number of comments per draft ...
  • Understanding the Value Proposition as a Co-Created Claim 

    London, Noelle; Pogue, Gregory P.; Spinuzzi, Clay (IEEE, 2015-09-09)
    In this paper, the authors examine five cases of technology commercialization in terms of how entrepreneurs advance a specific kind of claim: the value proposition. The value proposition can describe the characteristics ...
  • How Do Entrepreneurs Hone Their Pitches?: Analyzing How Pitch Presentations Develop in a Technology Commercialization Competition 

    Spinuzzi, Clay; Pogue, Gregory P.; Nelson, R. Scott; Thomson, Keela S.; Lorenzini, Francesca; French, Rosemary A.; Burback, Sidney D.; Momberger, Joel (ACM, 2015-09-09)
    Technology innovators must pitch their technology and its business value to potential buyers, partners, and distributors: to make claims that will create interest in the appropriate audiences and offer evidence that those ...

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