This collection includes events that were either organized, hosted or sponsored by the UT Libraries.

Recent Submissions

  • Exhibit: The Black Queer Studies Collection 

    Morgenstern, Hayley (2017)
  • Research + Pizza - Mary Beltrán 

    Beltrán, Mary (2017-02-28)
    Mary Beltrán (Radio-Television-Film) discusses her research on equitable diversity in the age of peak television, and the challenges it poses to imagery, storytelling and employment.
  • Research + Pizza - Stephen Russell 

    Russell, Stephen (2017-02-01)
    Dr. Stephen Russell (Human Development & Family Sciences, Population Research Center) discusses research on issues affecting LGBT youth and school policies that address them.
  • Altar de Muertos 

    Discussing México (DIME); The Knight Center for Journalism (2016-11-01)
  • Research + Pizza - Dr. Sherri Greenberg 

    Greenberg, Sherri (2014-11-04)
    Professor Sherri Greenberg (LBJ School of Public Affairs) joins you on Election Day to discuss municipal government organization, including Austin's new 10-1 representation, and emerging issues that Texas' major cities ...
  • Research + Pizza - Gary Freeman 

    Freeman, Gary (2015-03-04)
    Gary Freeman — faculty in UT’s Department of Government — discusses how immigration policy implementation and demographic changes will have a historical impact on the future of our local, state and national governmental ...
  • Research + Pizza - Dr. Mary Steinhardt 

    Steinhardt, Mary (2015-05-05)
    Time to relax and breathe as finals approach; Research + Pizza will help navigate this consistently fraught period of the school year. Dr. Mary Steinhardt of the Department of Kinesiology/Health Education presents her ...
  • Research + Pizza - Amber Heard-Booth 

    Heard-Booth, Amber (2016-10-08)
    Amber Heard-Booth (Anthropology) discusses her research on how foot shape has affected foot function throughout human evolution.
  • Research + Pizza - Dr. Rebecca Bigler 

    Bigler, Rebecca (2016-04-05)
    Dr. Rebecca Bigler (Psychology, Women's & Gender Studies) discusses her research on gendered speech and our attitudes on gender roles.

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