• Fiberedness of almost-Montesinos knots 

      Miller, Maggie (2015-05)
      In this paper we begin to classify fiberedness of "Almost-Montesinos" knots, a generalization of Montesinos knots. We employ the method used in the classification of fiberedness of Montesinos knots due to Hirasawa and ...
    • Trapezoidality and the Alexander polynomial 

      Cameron, James (2012)
      We study the Alexander polynomial of a class of alternating Montesinos links, and show that this class of links satisfies a conjecture of Ralph Fox that states that alternating links have trapezoidal polynomials.
    • When is a graph knotted? 

      Bernstein, Gilbert (2009-05)
      Knot theory, as traditionally studied, asks whether or not a loop of string is knotted. That is, can we deform the loop in question into a circle without cutting or breaking it. In this thesis, I take a less traditional ...