• Rac1 and Rac3 isoform activation is involved in the invasive and metastatic phenotype of human breast cancer cells 

    Baugher, Paige J.; Krishnamoorthy, Lakshmi; Price, Janet E.; Dharmawardhane, Surangani F. (Breast Cancer Research, 2005-09-30)
    Introduction: The metastatic progression of cancer is a direct result of the disregulation of numerous cellular signaling pathways, including those associated with adhesion, migration, and invasion. Members of the Rac ...
  • Radial Velocity Observations And Light Curve Noise Modeling Confirm That Kepler-91B Is A Giant Planet Orbiting A Giant Star 

    Barclay, Thomas; Endl, Michael; Huber, Daniel; Foreman-Mackey, Daniel; Cochran, William D.; MacQueen, Phillip J.; Rowe, Jason F.; Quintana, Elisa V. (2015-02)
    Kepler-91b is a rare example of a transiting hot Jupiter around a red giant star, providing the possibility to study the formation and composition of hot Jupiters under different conditions compared to main-sequence stars. ...
  • Radiative Transfer Effect On Ultraviolet Pumping Of The 21 cm Line In The High-Redshift Universe 

    Chuzhoy, Leonid; Zheng, Zheng (2007-12)
    During the epoch of reionization the 21 cm signal is sensitive to the scattering rate of the ultraviolet photons, redshifting across the Ly alpha resonance. Here we calculate the photon scattering rate profile for a single ...
  • Radical Politics in West Bengal by Marcus F. Franda 

    Hardgrave Jr, Robert L. (The Journal of Politics, 1972)
  • Radius Constraints From High-Speed Photometry Of 20 Low-Mass White Dwarf Binaries 

    Hermes, J. J.; Brown, Warren R.; Kilic, Mukremin; Gianninas, A.; Chote, Paul; Sullivan, Denis J.; Winget, D. E.; Bell, Keaton J.; Falcon, Ross E.; Winget, K. I.; Mason, Paul A.; Harrold, Samuel T.; Montgomery, Michael H. (2014-09)
    We carry out high-speed photometry on 20 of the shortest-period, detached white dwarf binaries known and discover systems with eclipses, ellipsoidal variations (due to tidal deformations of the visible white dwarf), and ...
  • Rahman (British) 

    Hopper, Robert, 1945-1998 (1980 to 19)
  • Rapid Decline Of Ly Alpha Emission Toward The Reionization Era 

    Tilvi, Vithal; Papovich, Casey; Finkelstein, Steven L.; Long, J.; Song, Mimi; Dickinson, Mark; Ferguson, Henry C.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Giavalisco, Mauro; Mobasher, Bahram (2014-10)
    The observed deficit of strongly Ly alpha emitting galaxies at z > 6.5 is attributed to increasing neutral hydrogen in the intergalactic medium (IGM) and/or to the evolving galaxy properties. To investigate this we have ...
  • Rapid Evolution of Coral Proteins Responsible for Interaction with the Environment 

    Voolstra, Christian R.; Sunagawa, Shinichi; Matz, Mikhail V.; Bayer, Till; Aranda, Manuel; Buschiazzo, Emmanuel; DeSalvo, Michael K.; Lindquist, Erika; Szmant, Alina M.; Coffroth, Mary Alice; Medina, Mónica (Public Library of Science, 2011-05-25)
    Background -- Corals worldwide are in decline due to climate change effects (e.g., rising seawater temperatures), pollution, and exploitation. The ability of corals to cope with these stressors in the long run depends on ...
  • Rapid induction of functional and morphological continuity between severed ends of mammalian or earthworm myelinated axons 

    Lore, April B.; Hubbell, Jeffery A.; Bobb, David S. Jr.; Ballinger, Martis L.; Loftin, Keisha L.; Smith, Jeffory W.; Smyers, Mark E.; Garcia, Habacuc D.; Bittner, George D. (Society for Neuroscience, 1999-04-01)
    The inability to rapidly restore the loss of function that results from severance (cutting or crushing) of PNS and CNS axons is a severe clinical problem. As a novel strategy to help alleviate this problem, we have ...
  • Rapid targeted gene disruption in Bacillus anthracis 

    Saldanda, Roland J.; Pemberton, Adin; Schiflett, Patrick; Perutka, Jiri; Whitt, Jacob T.; Ellingotn, Andrew; Lambowitz, Alan M.; Kramer, Ryan; Taylor, Deborah; Lamkin, Thomas J. (BMC Biotechnology, 2013-09-18)
    Background: Anthrax is a zoonotic disease recognized to affect herbivores since Biblical times and has the widest range of susceptible host species of any known pathogen. The ease with which the bacterium can be weaponized ...
  • Rapidly Evolving And Luminous Transients From Pan-STARRS1 

    Drout, M. R.; Chornock, Ryan; Soderberg, Alicia M.; Sanders, N. E.; McKinnon, R.; Rest, A.; Foley, Ryan J.; Milisavljevic, Dan; Margutti, R.; Berger, E.; Calkins, M.; Fong, W.; Gezari, S.; Huber, M. E.; Kankare, E.; Kirshner, Robert P.; Leibler, C.; Lunnan, R.; Mattila, S.; Marion, G. H.; Narayan, G.; Riess, Adam G.; Roth, K. C.; Scolnic, D.; Smartt, S. J.; Tonry, J. L.; Burgett, W. S.; Chambers, K. C.; Hodapp, K. W.; Jedicke, R.; Kaiser, N.; Magnier, E. A.; Metcalfe, N.; Morgan, J. S.; Price, P. A.; Waters, C. (2014-10)
    In the past decade, several rapidly evolving transients have been discovered whose timescales and luminosities are not easily explained by traditional supernovae (SNe) models. The sample size of these objects has remained ...
  • Rational Extension of the Ribosome Biogenesis Pathway Using Network-Guided Genetics 

    Li, Zhihua; Lee, Insuk; Moradi, Emily; Hung, Nai-Jung; Johnson, Arlen W.; Marcotte, Edward M. (Public Library of Science, 2009-10-06)
    Biogenesis of ribosomes is an essential cellular process conserved across all eukaryotes and is known to require >170 genes for the assembly, modification, and trafficking of ribosome components through multiple cellular ...
  • Rationality in the Slum: An Essay on Interpretive Sociology 

    Portes, Alejandro (Comparative Studies in Society and History, 1972)
  • RAxML and FastTree: Comparing Two Methods for Large-Scale Maximum Likelihood Phylogeny Estimation 

    Liu, Kevin; Linder, C. Randal; Warnow, Tandy (Public Library of Science, 2011-11-21)
    Statistical methods for phylogeny estimation, especially maximum likelihood (ML), offer high accuracy with excellent theoretical properties. However, RAxML, the current leading method for large-scale ML estimation, can ...
  • A Reaction Diffusion Model Of Pattern Formation In Clustering Of Adatoms On Silicon Surfaces 

    Bagarti, T.; Roy, A.; Kundu, K.; Dev, B. N. (2012-09)
    We study a reaction diffusion model which describes the formation of patterns on surfaces having defects. Through this model, the primary goal is to study the growth process of Ge on Si surface. We consider a two species ...
  • Reaction-Based Indicator Displacement Assay (RIA) for the Selective Colorimetric and Fluorometric Detection of Peroxynitrite 

    Sun, Xiaolong; Lacina, Karel; Ramsamy, Elena C.; Flower, Stephen E.; Fossey, John S.; Qian, Xuhong; Anslyn, Eric V.; Bull, Steven D.; James, Tony D. (2015-03)
    Using the self-assembly of aromatic boronic acids with Alizarin Red S (ARS), we developed a new chemosensor for the selective detection of peroxynitrite. Phenylboronic acid (PBA), benzoboroxole (BBA) and 2-(N, N-dimethyl ...
  • Reactions of Cre with Methylphosphonate DNA: Similarities and Contrasts with Flp and Vaccinia Topoisomerase 

    Ma, Chien-Hui; Kachroo, Aashiq H.; Macieszak, Anna; Chen, Tzu-Yang; Guga, Piotr; Jayaram, Makkuni (Public Library of Science, 2009-09-30)
    Background -- Reactions of vaccinia topoisomerase and the tyrosine site-specific recombinase Flp with methylphosphonate (MeP) substituted DNA substrates, have provided important insights into the electrostatic features of ...
  • Reactive Power is a Cheap Constraint 

    Baldick, Ross; Kahn, Edward (International Association for Energy Economics, 1994)
    Hogan (1993) has proposed a version of marginal cost pricing for electricity transmission transactions that include a component for reactive power to support voltage at demand nodes . His examples support the notion that ...
  • Real Beads On Virtual Strings: Charged Particles On Magnetic Field Lines 

    Breizman, Boris; Khudik, Vladimir (2012-11)
    We discuss a similarity between the drift of a charged particle inside a slowly moving solenoid and the motion of a fluid element in an ideal incompressible fluid. This similarity can serve as a useful instructional example ...