University of Texas at Austin faculty and researchers may submit their work directly to the UT Faculty/Researcher Works collection, by logging in to Texas ScholarWorks with their EID and password. Once logged in, a button will appear on this page that says "Submit a new work to this collection." Clicking that button will start the submission process. If you are having any issues with the submission process, please contact the Repository Curator at

The UT Faculty/Researcher Works collection focuses on electronic research, scholarship, and creative works, as well as materials that primarily reflect the intellectual environment of the UT campus, created by faculty and researchers of the University of Texas at Austin.

Examples of possible content that can be submitted to this collection are:

  • Peer-reviewed articles where license allows
  • White papers, working papers and technical reports
  • Manuscripts
  • Presentations
  • Digitized data
  • Audiovisual material
  • Any other form of research output that can be technically loaded to the repository.

If you would like more information about the submission process, including alternate submission workflows, please email Colleen Lyon at

If you have questions about managing your data, please visit the Data Management @ UT website.

Recent Submissions

  • Digitization: Does It Always Improve Access to Rare Books and Special Collections? 

    Correa, Dale J. (De Gruyter, 2017-02)
    In April 2016, the Israel State Archives announced the most recent stage of an ambitious project to digitize all of their holdings (potentially 400 million pages of material): the new archival website was ready online. ...
  • Discovery of the Mexican Blindcat, Prietella phreatophila, in the U.S., and an update on its rangewide conservation status 

    Hendrickson, Dean A.; Johnson, Jack; Sprouse, Peter; Howard, Sarah; Garrett, Gary P.; Krejca, Jean K.; Gluesenkamp, Andrew; Dávila Paulín, José Antonio; Dugan, Laura; Cohen, Adam E.; Hernández Espriú, Antonio; Sullivan, John P.; Fenolio, Danté B.; Karges, John; Smith, Ryan; García De León, Francisco J.; Wolaver, Brad; Reddell, James (2017-03-03)
    Mexican blindcat, Prietella phreatophila, was described in 1954 from a single locality in Northern Coahuila, México. Long listed as endangered by the Mexican federal government, it was listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife ...
  • A Study of Texas Commercial Title Insurance Prices 

    Eaton, David; Gao, Xue (2017-03)
  • Update on the Fishes of Texas Project 

    Cohen, Adam; Hendrickson, Dean; Urban, Tomislav; Walling, David; Gentle, John; Garrett, Gary; Casarez, Melissa; Martin, F. Douglas (2017-03-04)
    The Fishes of Texas project (, originating in 2006, remains the most reliable (quality controlled) and data rich site for acquiring occurrence data for Texas fishes, holding over 124,000 records ...
  • Addendum to the Historical Survey, with an Index 

    Neumeyer, David (2017-03-04)
    This is an addendum to the essay Ascending Cadence Gestures: A Historical Survey from the 16th to the Early 19th Century (published on Texas Scholar Works, July 2016), consisting of posts since that date to my blog “Ascending ...
  • A Gallery of Simple Examples of Extended Rising Melodic Shapes 

    Neumeyer, David (2017-03-03)
    Prevailing stereotypes of formal cadences and arch-shaped melodies were especially strong in the eighteenth century, but they did not prevent European musicians from occasionally introducing rising melodic figures into ...
  • Roundtable: On the 500th Anniversary of the Venice Ghetto 

    Cassen, Flora; Fletcher, Catherine; Giannetti, Laura; Lichtenstein, Tatjana; Frazier, Alison K. (2016-09-15)
  • Repositories at the University of Texas at Austin 

    Lyon, Colleen; Trelogan, Jessica (2017)
  • An Analysis of Title Insurance Data 

    Eaton, David; Gao, Xue (2016-12)
    Texas, along with other states where the government sets title insurance rates, has significantly higher prices than states that allow more competition. On a per-policy basis, Texas’s decision to set prices and restrict ...
  • Ascending Cadence Gestures in Waltzes by Johann Strauss, sr. 

    Neumeyer, David (2017-01-03)
    Rising melodic figures have a long history in cadences in European music of all genres. This essay documents examples from an especially influential repertoire of social dance music, the Viennese waltz in the first half ...

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