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    Authors Name
    Choreography and Animation: Yacov Sharir [1]
    Choreography and Animation: Yacov Sharir and Lynn Grossman [2]
    Choreography and Character Animation: Yacov Sharir, in collaboration with multimedia artist Anita Pantin [1]
    Choreography: Andrea Beckham (Feminist Dormant), Jose Luis Bustamante (Memory of Absence), Laurie Wilson (Choir Practice), Yacov Sharir (Sine), [unknown] (Falling Through) [2]
    Choreography: Andrea Beckham (Through the Mountain), Andee Scott (A Few Questions About Eurydice) [1]
    Choreography: Christian Bourigault, Maria Voortman, Yolande Snaith, Matjaz Pograjc, Peter Gerszon Kovacs, Yacov Sharir, et al [1]
    Choreography: David Gordon [1]
    Choreography: Dee McCandless and Yacov Sharir (Bach), Arnie Zane (Freedom of Information Part III) [1]
    Choreography: Holly Williams (Extraordinary Day), Theresa Hardy (Compassionate Resolution of the Psychological Dilemma), Leslie Dworkin (Rise), Allison Orr (The King and I) [1]
    Choreography: Jose Luis Bustamante [16]
    Choreography: Jose Luis Bustamante (Beyond the Pale, Love Study #3, Love Study #4); Heywood "Woody" McGriff (The "A" Train Takes Me); Yacov Sharir (Love Study #1, Love Study #2) [1]
    Choreography: Jose Luis Bustamante (Unending Rose), Andrea Beckham (Feminist Dormant), Rina Schenfeld (unknown title), Yacov Sharir (Margo's World) [1]
    Choreography: Jose Luis Bustamante (Witness), Love Studies (Yacov Sharir), Motet (Doug Varone) [1]
    Choreography: Jose Luis Bustamante (Witness, Duende), Bill T. Jones (Red Room), Yacov Sharir (Margo's World) [1]
    Choreography: Julio Bermudez [2]
    Choreography: Yacov Sharir [31]
    Choreography: Yacov Sharir (2x5+, Hollow), Brian Green (Soul), Jose Luis Bustamante (Unending Rose) [1]
    Choreography: Yacov Sharir (A Cart with Apples) ; Jose Luis Bustamante (Migrating Weights) [1]
    Choreography: Yacov Sharir (A Cart with Apples); Jose Luis Bustamante (Migrating Weights) [1]
    Choreography: Yacov Sharir (de la nuit...le jour, Mezzaluna); Jose Luis Bustamante (Sedition Seduction); Ohad Naharin (Innostress) [1]