Sociological Insight is a fully refereed national undergraduate research journal aimed at promoting undergraduate research in the social sciences. Insight provides an opportunity for undergraduates all over the U.S. and abroad to publish their best academic work, and to reap the benefits of subjecting their research to a rigorous review process.

Sociological Insight was created in July 2008 at The University of Texas at Austin with the goal of promoting original and high-quality undergraduate research in the social sciences. As the only fully refereed national undergraduate social science journal in the United States, Sociological Insight was founded on the conviction that engaging young scholars in academic research is not only crucial to their personal intellectual and professional development, but also to the social progress of the United States. Undergraduates can bring unique perspectives to understanding society and can recognize and appreciate social trends that sometimes escape even the most veteran of academics. As such, undergraduates who have strong training in theory and methods can bring vibrant new ideas to academic discourse, essential to the functioning of a healthy democracy capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

On this premise, Sociological Insight seeks to publish recent, theory-driven, methodologically sound, professionally written academic articles that make important and relevant research findings. To ensure that all of its published articles meet professional academic standards, Sociological Insight subjects each article considered for publication to a rigorous review process, involving one faculty and one graduate reviewer (specialized in the paper's substantive focus), as well as one undergraduate with sufficient qualifications. Thus, each article is anonymously reviewed by at least three reviewers.

We believe Insight will help to professionalize undergraduate research by providing an important service currently unavailable to undergraduate students. By engaging undergraduates in a professional peer-review process and encouraging critical thinking and scholarly excellence, Sociological Insight has become a practical stepping-stone for students aspiring to publish their work in the top sociological journals. Sociological Insight Blog

Recent Submissions

  • Sociological Insight, Volume 6 

    University of Texas at Austin (2014-05-12)
  • Sociological Insight, Volume 5 

    University of Texas at Austin (2014-01-06)
  • Sociological Insight, Volume 4 

    University of Texas at Austin (2012-10-02)
    Table of Contents: From the Editor / by Christopher Robertson (p. 1-3) -- ARTICLES -- The Role of Moral Shocks in the Texas Anti-Death Penalty Movement / by Kate Roberts (p. 4-24) -- Cosmopolitan Romance in Nepal: An ...
  • Sociological Insight, Volume 3 

    University of Texas at Austin (2011-05-13)
    Table of Contents: From the Editor / by Diana Cho (p. 3-7) -- ARTICLES -- In the Aftermath of Atrocity: Theories of Genocide and the Practice of Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina / by Megan Sanders (p. 8-19) -- Made it to ...
  • Sociological Insight, Volume 1 

    University of Texas at Austin (2011-05-11)
    Table of Contents: From the Editor / by Mazen Elfakhani (p. 8-13) -- ARTICLES -- The Effects of Religious Switching at Marriage on Marital Stability and Happiness / by Collin F. Payne (p. 14-30) -- A Tale of Two Townships: ...

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