• Accounts of extinct and vanishing forms 

      Hanley, Nell (2006-05)
    • At stand-still : a novel 

      Helfrich, Justin Mark (2007-05)
      This thesis contains the full text of my novel At Stand-Still, a collection of poems, and a few words about my writing process.
    • Cure 

      Thorne, Beau, 1978- (2006-05)
      This thesis consists of a feature-length screenplay, Cure, a process essay documenting the writing of Cure, and the short story “Mumbly Peg.”
    • Employing (and engineering) necessity : Emergency prom and The body 

      Moulds, Stephen Alexander (2011-05)
      This thesis document traces my writing process during the evolution of two play scripts, Emergency Prom and The Body. I examine these contrasting writing processes relative to the notion of necessity, as defined within. ...
    • God says no : a novel ; &, You must remember this : a screenplay 

      Hannaham, James (2006-05)
      God Says No is a novel purporting to be the testimonial of Gary Gray, a young black man coming of age in Charleston, South Carolina. Gary cannot reconcile his Christian faith with his homosexual desires. Eventually, before ...
    • Hemlock grove 

      McGreevy, Brian, 1983- (2007-05)
      A postmodern gothic.
    • Lynx 

      Dolejsiova, Katarina, 1975- (2007-05)
      Lynx is a collection of four stories selected on basis of the different narrative choices but similar themes they set out to explore. In each case, the narrator—whether in the first, second, or third person—shapes her tale ...
    • Mount Orbit : a short novel ; &, the ballad of Dick Shuck : a screenplay 

      Mandrell, Elizabeth, 1967- (2007-05)
      Mount Orbit is a short novel chronicling three months in the life of Willie Shanks, a ne'er-do-well orphan from Mount Orbit, Kentucky, who is sprung from jail on the first page, determined to go home, and walk the straight ...
    • Musical logic : an alternate theatrical language 

      Koogler, Abraham Victor (2014-05)
      This thesis is an examination of the concept of musical logic as a theatrical language, with my play Advance Man as a case study. This thesis synopsizes the play, and outlines the principles of musical logic, which is ...
    • Nothing has happened : a novel in stories ; &, Precious feather : a screenplay 

      Silverstein, Jake (2006-05)
      "Nothing Has Happened" is a book of eight chapters, four fictional and four nonfictional. The narrator remains the same for both the fiction and the non-fiction. He is essentially myself, or a prose-speaking version of ...
    • The second reason : a collection of poems, stories and an essay on process 

      Browne, Jenny (2007-05)
      This thesis contains The Second Reason, a book length collection of poems and five short stories that explore themes of motherhood, language and politics.
    • Texas bright 

      Jones, Kimberley Kaye (2006-05)
      This thesis consists of two feature-length screenplays, the drama Texas Bright, and the comedic drama The Summer of Breaking Into Public Pools, as well as "Funny Face," a spec script for the ABC medical drama, Grey's Anatomy.
    • Three plays : Flesh and the desert, 1:23, and Enchantment 

      Kreitzer, Carson Sarah (2006-05)
      My thesis consists of three plays: Flesh and the Desert, a kaleidoscopic portrait of Las Vegas, 1:23, an investigation into three recent cases of infanticide, and Enchantment, inspired by the complex life of Bruno Bettelheim, ...
    • Water and flour 

      Cutts, Matt Aaron; 0000-0002-4021-3233 (2016-05)
      This thesis is a feature screenplay entitled Water and Flour, a drama about a baker who gets embroiled with a gay couple after refusing to sell them a wedding cake. Included also is a process paper describing the evolution ...
    • Wireless-less 

      Modigliani, David, 1980- (2007-05)
      This thesis consists of a play, WIRELESS-LESS, a feature-length screenplay, The Riverboat Gambles, and a process essay, Living the Questions Themselves. WIRELESSLESS is a script for live performance. A librarian, a composer, ...