• Doctoral Thesis Recital (piano) lecture 

      Pineda, Kris (2012-04-23)
      "Hindemith's tonal language as used in his third piano sonata (1936)" -- Dritte Sonate fur Klavier / Paul Hindemith.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Botes, Johan (2012-04-27)
      "An overview of South African piano music, with special reference to music incorporating African ethnic elements" -- From Partita africana / Hendrick Hofmeyr -- Nonyano - The ceremonial dancer / Stefans Grove -- Variazioni ...
    • Doctoral Thesis Recital (piano) lecture 

      Helmlinger, Jonathan (2012-04-24)
      "From paraphrase to allegory: The place of influence in Toru Takemitsu's development in piano works." -- Romance (1949) -- Les yeux clos II -- Litany (1990) -- Les yeux clos.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Chang, Seul Ki (2016-04-25)
      "Charles Griffes, American impressionist, as exemplified in Roman sketches, op.7 for piano" -- From Roman sketches; The white peacock, op.7, no.1; The fountain of the Acqua Paola, op.7, no.3; Piano sonata; Fantasy pieces, ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Boswell, Keenan (2016-04-26)
      "Beaumarchais' Rosina according to Rossini and Mozart" -- Una voce poco fa / Gioacchino Rossini -- Contro un cor che accende amore / Gioacchino Rossini -- Porgi amor / Wolfgang A. Mozart -- E Susanna non vien!...Dovo sono ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Um, Yujung (2016-04-29)
      "Synthesis of rhythmic and modal folk elements in Bela Bartok's Six dances in Bulgarian rhythm from Mikrokosmos" -- Mikrokosmos, Sz.107 / Bela Bartok.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Emerson, Bradley James (2016-04-29)
      Lecture: "Nikolai Medtner's Sonata-Ballade: religious narrative and a subjectivity of the human soul." -- Sonata-Ballade, op.27 / Nikolai Medtner.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Magnone, Charles (2016-04-27)
      "A performer's guide to the fundamentals of extended piano techniques" -- A few sheets to the wind / Sam Lipman -- Five pieces for piano / George Crumb.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Straub, Joshua (2016-04-22)
      "Hypermeter as an expressive determinant in the Four scherzos of Chopin" -- Scherzo, op.31; Scherzo, op.39; Scherzo, op.54 / Frederic Chopin.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Chung, Enhae (2016-07-28)
      Contraction and expansion principle in Bela Bartok's "Out of doors" : from nature and folk sources to modernistic abstraction [lecture] -- Out of doors : Sz. 81, BB 89 (1926) / Bela Bartok.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Kang, Hansol (2016-04-28)
      "Imagery in Lowell Liebermann's opus 29 'Gargoyles' for piano: Interval-ratio generation through multi-tonal articulations." -- Op.29 "Gargoyles" for piano / Lowell Liebermann.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Kingma, Joseph (2017-04-14)
      Thematic unity in Sergei Rachmaninoff's second piano sonata.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Morishita, Kosumo (2017-04-14)
      Lecture. An American journey : Sunny Knable's American variations -- American variations / Sunny Knable.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano) lecture 

      Chen, Ruoxu (2012-11-27)
      Lecture: "Keys as color in Rachmaninov's etudes-tableaux, op.33." -- Etudes tableaux, op.33 / Sergei Rachmaninov.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (piano/opera coaching) 

      Castro-Ramirez, Luis Gustavo (2012-10-30)
      Yo soy contrabandista / Manuel Garcia -- Pensar en el / Emilio Arrieta -- El arreglito / Sebastian Iradier -- Estich enamorada / Felip Pedrell -- Heigh ho! Who preches love / Isaac Albeniz -- Vivan los que rien / Manuel ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (saxophone (jazz)) 

      Wood, Bennett (2013-10-21)
      Chop block -- Little bird -- Mideast by Midwest -- Obfuscation -- Ask me not -- Catamaran. All compositions by Bennett Wood. Performed by Bennett Wood, saxophone ; Rich Harney, piano ; Richard Mikel, bass ; Brandon Guerra, ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (saxophone) 

      Gomez, Daniel Marcos (2013-04-16)
      Sonata for alto saxophone and piano / David Diamond -- Tre pezzi / Giacinto Scelsi -- Sonata no.1 in E minor, op.38 / Johannes Brahms -- Fantaisie sur un theme original / Jules Demersseman.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (saxophone) 

      Hertel, Michael (2011-04-10)
      Sonate pour alto saxophone & piano, op. 18 / I. Bourrel -- Sonate (atonal) for solo alto saxophone / S. Karg-Elert -- Lillith / W. Bolcom -- Fuzzy bird sonata / T. Yoshimatsu.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (saxophone) 

      Gadgil, Sunil (2010-03-05)
      Sonata, op.4, no.11 / J.B.L. de Gant -- Sonata for soprano saxophone and piano / Paul Chihara -- Concertino da camera / Jacques Ibert -- Sonata for alto saxophone and piano, op.19 / Paul Creston -- Canciones del Zocalo / ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (saxophone) 

      El-Farrah, Rami (2010-03-02)
      Sonata (1939) / Edvard Moritz -- Arabic proclamation and script / Brett Kroening -- Air chantes / Francis Poulenc -- Konsert for saxofon och strakorkester / Lars-Erik Larsson