• Thermal performance in mid/large buildings : in hot, humid climates 

    Galloway, Ross; Brown, Meredith (2009-10)
    This paper presents on overview of several vernacular and passive strategies as an alternative to the standard HVAC system. It examines the performance demands of large buildings in Austin, Texas and addresses several ...
  • Time 

    Boduch, Michael; Fincher, Warren (2009-11)
    This paper investigates the nature of time with a particular emphasis on how humans relate to time, both as an abstract concept and as a phenomenon integral to existence. It examines how we measure time, how time factors ...
  • Traditional and innovative cooling systems: Energy efficient, alternative strategies for thermal comfort 

    Maddox, Randy; Montry, Matthew (2009-10)
    This paper describes some fundamental features of conventional AC technology, and explores innovative strategies and AC system types that use alternative forms of energy and/or are designed for greater energy efficiency.
  • Transit oriented development 

    Lang, Werner; Wang, Wilfried; Bader, Stefan (The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture Center for Sustainable Development, 2009-12)
    Students in the School of Architecture's Fall 2009 Advanced Design Studio on Sustainable Architecture were asked to design a railway station that would serve as a central hub for the Austin metro area's proposed high-speed ...
  • Urban Ecological Design Process / NOOS: Not Only One Solution 

    Steiner, Frederick R. (2012-01-23)
    Dr. Steiner discusses concepts and models of the planning process applied by other practitioners of urban design, then launches into an introduction to the approach to the planning process that he and co-author Danilo ...
  • UT digital repository: Meadows Foundation funded projects collection contents, 2/27/2013 

    Carter, Robert (2013-02-27)
    Supplement to the final report on the project Ensuring Access in Perpetuity to Sustainability Content Using the University of Texas Digital Repository, listing the contents of the Meadows Foundation Funded Projects collection ...