• Austin climate data 

    Ward, Natalie (2011-06-14)
    An overview of the climate conditions that impact on the energy efficiency of construction projects in Austin, Texas. Data is presented on various factors, including temperature, precipitation, daylight, and wind.
  • Sustainable cities: 21st century strategies for inhabitable urban regions 

    Bean, Cayce; Maddox, Randy; Ward, Natalie (2011-08-16)
    An examination of strategies for limiting the conditions that will cause urban areas to reach a point of unsustainability. These conditions include urban sprawl, infrastructure (particularly modes of transportation), and ...
  • Transit oriented development 

    Lang, Werner; Wang, Wilfried; Bader, Stefan (The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture Center for Sustainable Development, 2012-02-10)
    Students in the School of Architecture's Fall 2009 Advanced Design Studio on Sustainable Architecture were asked to design a railway station that would serve as a central hub for the Austin metro area's proposed high-speed ...