• L2 Student Satisfaction In the Writing Center: A Cross-Institutional Study of L1 and L2 Students 

      Bromley, Pam; Northway, Kara (2018)
      International and multilingual student enrollments are growing around the world. Because 73% of international students in the United States come from countries where English is not an official language, the number of L2 ...
    • Laemanctus 

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    • Laemanctus longipes 

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    • Laemanctus serratus 

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    • Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM): A Simpler Process 

      Feygin, Michael; Hsieh, Brian (1991)
      With Laminated Object Manufacturing (LQM) process, three dimensional objects are manufactured by sequentially laminating and cUtting two-dimensional cross-sections. The.rnediumused.inLOMprocess isaQhesive-coatedsheet• ...
    • Laminated Object Manufacturing of Si3N4 With Enhanced Properties 

      Pope, Matthew J.; Patterson, Mark C.L.; Zimbeck, Walter; Fehrenbacher, Mark (1997)
      The potential to fabricate near net-shape ceramic components of intricate shape is attractive and offers considerable savings in cost and time. The laminated architecture inherent in many Rapid Prototyping techniques can ...
    • Lampropeltis 

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    • Lampropeltis calligaster 

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    • Lampropeltis mexicana 

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    • Lampropeltis pyromelana 

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    • Lampropeltis triangulum 

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    • Lampropeltis zonata 

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    • Language Policy Insights: The Success of Latinos in Teacher Education Programs 

      Compean-Garcia, Nancy; Garcia, Samuel S. (Texas Education Review, 2013)
    • LAPS - Laser Aided F.owder S.olidification - Technology for the direct production of metallic and polymer parts 

      Eyerer, P.; B. Keller, J. Shen (1994)
      The prototypes of today's commercial available RP-Systems (e.g. StereolithographySystems) are suitable mainly for designing and, if even, for restricted functional tests. From this it can be concluded that for obtaining ...
    • Laser Aided Direct Rapid Prototyping 

      Franceschini, Robert; Napravnik, Lee; Mukherjee, Amar; Sankaranarayanan, Srikanth; Kar, Aravinda (1997)
      We describe a multilevel design hierarchy applicable to the VLSI-like layered manufacturing technology of Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) called Laser Aided Direct Rapid Prototyping (LADRP). We discuss the interfaces between ...
    • Laser Cutting of Ceramic Composite Layers 

      Lightman, Allan; Han, Gyoowan (1996)
      The Laminated, Object Manufacturing (LOM) process lends itself to use of a variety of materials that can be delivered in sheet format. Studies are underway to investigate the use of monolithic and fiber reinforced ...
    • Laser Deposition of Metals for Shape Deposition Manufacturing 

      Fessler, J.R.; Merz, R.; Nickel, A.H; Prinz, F.B.; Weiss, L.E. (1996)
      A laser/powder deposition process has been added to the Shape Deposition Manufacturing system at Stanford University. This process is more robust than previous SDM metal deposition processes, consistently producing fully ...
    • Laser Polishing of Silica Rods 

      Wang, Hongyun; Bourell, David; Beaman, Joseph J. (1998)
      Lasers have been widely used in surface modification. In this research a CO2 continuous wave laser has been used to polish the.slot surface of the silica rods. The strong absorption of the lO.6 JlmC02 radiation by the ...
    • Laser Sintering Model for Composite Materials 

      Nelson, J.C.; Vail, N.K.; Barlow, J.W. (1993)
      A computer model for the sintering of ceramic/polymer composite materials has been established based on empirical sintering rate data. The model calculates sintering depths which result from variations in the operating ...
    • Laser Tracking Control Implementation for SFF Applications 

      Wu, Ying-Jeng Engin; Beaman, Joseph J. (1992)
      From a three-dimensional computer graphic model, Solid Freeform Fabrication produces solid objects directly without special tooling and human handling. In order to increas process productivity and accuracy, a time-efficient ...