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    Afro-Latinx Resistance & Reclamation: The Arts Across Diaspora
    (2022) Alderete-Cruz, Gabriella
    This exhibit focuses on the interplay between U.S. Latinx/ Latin American / Caribbean scholarly and artistic formations from the poetics of belonging to transnational configurations of Afro-Latinidad. Yomaira Figueroa, in Decolonizing Diasporas: Radical Mappings of Afro-Atlantic Literature, examines the ways in which Afro-Latinx Caribbean writings and cultural productions remain overlooked, particularly under the U.S. framework of Latinidad, which continues to center whiteness and anti-Black discourse. Figueroa theorizes on remapping Afro-Diaspora studies by centering Afro-Latinx art and literature and considers how these strategies subvert historical erasure and offers frameworks of resistance. Through showcasing Afro-Latinx visual and literary texts, this exhibit aims to illuminate the contributions of decolonizing projects and shows that the Afro-Latinx diaspora is not relegated to the homogenous representation replicated in mainstream Latinx cultural productions.
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    Cuban Comics in the Castro Era
    (2019-12) Borrego, Gilbert
    The publishing industry of Cuba experienced a seismic shift in 1959 when Fidel Castro won a revolutionary war against dictator Fulgencio Batista. With this change, underground and subversive media creators of the Batista era became an important part of the new socialist culture. This helped to mobilize the masses in support of the new Castro government and against U.S. capitalistic ideology. A new world opened up for the creators of comics, who now had the singular purpose of supporting their new government while still appealing to their readers. In this early era, many of these readers were children, who continued to consume U.S.-created comic books and the ideals that went with them. This exhibition examines the art and history of Cuban comics after the successful 1959 revolution. It highlights the creators, characters, heroes, and anti-heroes of Cuba. It also touches on the triumphs and failures of the publishing industry and how Cuban artists today struggle to keep the genre alive. These materials are part of the Caridad Blanco Collection of Cuban Comic Books, acquired in 2018. Blanco, a Havana-based artist and curator, collected over 700 examples of stand-alone comics and newspaper supplements created between 1937 and 2018. This exhibition was curated by Digital Repository Specialist Gilbert Borrego and is part of his fall 2019 Capstone Experience course in partial fulfillment of his MSIS, School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin.
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    The Improvement of Accessibility for A/V Content at The University of Texas Libraries
    (2017-12) Deems, Christopher
    Through their online repository, Texas ScholarWorks, the Perry-Castañeda Library at the University of Texas at Austin is able to provide users around the world with access to thousands of videos, documents, and data originally limited to the university. However, not all of the items available to the public on Texas ScholarWorks are accessible to everyone, as there are over 2,000 audio and video items that have yet to be transcribed or captioned. This capstone project addresses the issue the library faces in trying to caption and transcribe these items, as well as items to be added to the repository in the future, by researching how to best process the backlog of items to be captioned and transcribed, acquiring the appropriate software needed for the library to efficiently and accurately process these items, and developing a workflow plan for the library to follow when processing future items.
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    Investigating the Virtual Landscapes of Texas
    (2015-07-28) Mattys, Laura
    The Virtual Landscapes of Texas digital collection consists of 60,000+ printed pages of public domain documents related to the early stages of exploration of Texas geology. The collection has been curated to preserve and widen access to primary documents and historical reviews of early Texas geologic study. In this project, I thoroughly investigated this digital collection in order to document the scope, format, ecosystem, and potential uses of the existing metadata, and develop user personas/use cases and functional requirements for the next iteration/platform. The resulting documentation will allow the collection’s stakeholders to make informed decisions about the future of the collection.
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    St. Edward's University Learning Commons: Research and Toolkit
    (2007-12-01) Cunningham, Carolyn
    The purpose of this paper is to review and analyze the literature on the information commons and learning commons concepts in the academic library setting, particularly in the context of the needs of the Scarborough-Phillips Library at St. Edward’s University. We examined the information commons and learning commons concepts in light of several key areas: planning and assessment, space allocation, staffing issues, services offered, resources made available, and technology issues. This report summarizes and analyzes our findings, and articulates benefits and drawbacks to the implementation of an information or learning commons in the existing library space.
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    Developing an Academic Journal Collection for Gender Studies Scholarship
    (2015-07-21) Guzman, Allyssa
    Collections at the University of Texas Libraries are designed to actively support scholarship on campus. One growing area of scholarship is Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS), LGBTQ Studies, and Sexualities Studies. These fields are interdisciplinary in nature and so the collections in these areas support many campus scholars. This project focused specifically on scholarly journals, developing a list of key titles in the field and using that data as a benchmark to evaluate the UT Libraries collection. It factored in multiple sources of data, including a national survey of WGS scholars, journal impact factors, bibliographies, and interlibrary borrowing requests originating at UT. The result was a complete picture of UT Libraries WGS journal collection that revealed a relatively comprehensive collection with room for growth in a few areas, specifically LGBTQ Studies.