Social Change and Ethical Engagement in PR and Advertising

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    Profession Stereotyping
    (2018-12-03) Lara, Marcy; Lamp, Reagan; Townsend, Madison; Finley, Samantha; Dopslauf, Reagan; Deputy, Brittany
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    Don't Miss the Moment
    (2018-12-09) Barnes, Nicholas
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    Public Awareness of LGBT Rights
    (2018-12-06) Alexandrou, Alexa; Huskey, Jared; Lari, Sarah; Saleemi, Mustafa; Yonkers, Leland
    Power point that highlights the importance of LGBT rights and the progression of the LGBT community over time.
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    The Pink Tax
    (2018-12-05) Crotzer, Amanda - Interview Video Hosted on YouTube, CC available via YouTube auto-generate.
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    Gender Bias in Advertising
    We set up a social media campaign with snapchat filters and a twitter account to allow people to call out negative gender representation in the media & facilitate a discussion about stereotyping.
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    Mirror Image Magazine
    (2018-12-03) Borich, Kai; Campbell, Ramsay; Clarke, Kasey; Lu, Joy; Williams, Ella
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    Photoshop in Advertising
    (2018-12-03) Stranczek, Victoria
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    Starbucks K-Cup Interviews
    (2018-12-03) Hannigan, Claire; Deputy, Brittany
    We interviewed college students outside of a Starbucks near campus and asked them questions about the negative effects of K-Cups and asked if it is ethical that Starbucks continues to manufacture, sell, and profit off of them.
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    The Agency
    (2018-12-03) Cerna, Michael; Clark, Erin; Ham, Madelyn; Rounds, Caitlin
    For this project, we created a comic book based off the show, The Office. We wanted to use scenes from the show to illustrate how situations involving diversity, gender, and brand promises can be handled in a morally correct manner.
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    Law and Ethics: Controversial Advertisements Related to Body Image
    (2018-12-03) Joo, Minji; Alvarez, Mayling; Granic, Petra; Hammond, Tiffany; Abell, Marty
    Our creative project focuses on the body image controversies that exist in public relations and advertising. We looked into different controversial advertisements and gave the public the opportunity to voice their opinion to supplement our research into the meso level culture and normalities.