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    Protecting African American Historic Places in Texas: A Community Toolkit
    (2021) Way, Heather K.; Gordon, Alyssa; Solankee, Sahil
    This guide provides community groups and individuals interested in the preservation of sites in Texas with ties to African American heritage with an overview of the legal tools available to help achieve their goals. By no means comprehensive, this toolkit focuses on the more common legal tools that are available to help preserve African American historic sites, rather than the technical expertise—for example, in genealogy or archaeology—needed for preservation.
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    Protecting And PreservingAfrican-American Cemeteries In Texas
    (2020-01) Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic
    African-American cemeteries are sacred sites that provide important inks to African-American history, cultural ties, and family connections. Many African-American cemeteries, however, are endangered due to abandonment, deteriorating conditions, vandalism, and development pressures. The following guide provides information on legal protections for older cemeteries in Texas and procedures that concerned residents, family members, and communities can follow to protect and preserve these threatened sites.