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    IRB Research Proposal: K01
    (2014-10) Morales-Campos, Daisy
    There is a critical need to understand why there is less than optimal uptake of the HPV vaccine among Hispanic girls along the Texas-Mexico border, despite the high cervical cancer incidence and mortality rates for Hispanic women in this area. The purpose of this research was to understand the determinants for parental intentions and acceptance of HPV vaccination and factors influencing provider's intention to recommend vaccination.
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    IRB Research Proposal: Understanding barriers to substance abuse treatment
    (2016) Pinedo, Miguel
    This two-year pilot study aimed to 1) to gain greater understanding of barriers to specialty substance abuse treatment among Whites, African Americans, and Latinos with lifetime substance abuse disorders; 2) to compare and contrast barriers to specialty substance abuse treatment by race/ethnicity and gender among participants with lifetime AUD; and 3) using findings from Aims 1 & 2, to develop a new quantitative scale to assess barriers to specialty substance abuse treatment
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    IRB Human Subjects Protocol: ENLACE
    (2015) Parra-Medina, Deborah
    The purpose of this study is to determine if a promotora-led intervention that takes a comprehensive, multi-level, community-based approach to promoting physical activity (PA) is effective among a particularly underserved segment of Latinas. We hypothesize that Latinas in the promotora-led PA Intervention will significantly increase minutes per week of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) compared to Latinas in the attention-control group.
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    IRB Research Proposal: Migration & Health: Latinos in Austin, Texas
    (2018-12) Pinedo, Miguel; Pinedo, Miguel
    This qualitative study explored in-depth how migration-related stressors (e.g., antiimmigration sentiments, deportations) influence the mental health and substance-using behaviors of Latinos in Austin.