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There is very limited descriptive information available for individual issues except via the full-text. You can search the scanned text by typing your search terms in the blank box above this description. Please note that this system combines terms with OR instead of AND. That means you will get many results from your search and not everything will be relevant. If the term itself is important, we recommend using quotation marks around that term to search for an exact match. Example: "intramural tennis". The optical character recognition (OCR) can be a bit messy due to the formatting of the original and quality of the scan so it may be difficult to find your search terms within the document.

This collection in Texas ScholarWorks contains historical issues of newspapers back to the early 1800s. Each issue is presented in its entirety. Because of this, some items in the collection may contain offensive images or text. The University of Texas Libraries is committed to maintaining an accurate and authentic scholarly and historic record. An authentic record is essential for understanding our past and informing the present. In order to preserve the authenticity of the historical record we will not honor requests to redact content, correct errors, or otherwise remove content, except in cases where there are legal concerns (e.g. inclusion of HIPAA/FERPA protected information or Social Security Numbers) or evidence of a clear and imminent threat to personal safety or well-being. This policy is in keeping with the American Library Association code of ethics to resist efforts to censor library resources, and the Society of American Archivists code of ethics that states "archivists may not willfully alter, manipulate, or destroy data or records to conceal facts or distort evidence."

If you believe content in this collection includes sensitive information, or presents a threat to personal safety, please contact tsw@utlists.utexas.edu with specific information. We may temporarily restrict access to individual items while investigating a claim. If you have other questions about this collection, please contact tsw@utlists.utexas.edu


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