• Algal biofuels : the effect of temperature on algal growth and lipid content 

    Klenzendorf, Stephanie Marie (2010-06-04)
    Replacing fossil fuels with algae, a renewable resource, is an exciting possibility. This study evaluates the algae found in South Texas brackish water ponds used for aquaculture of fish as a possible source of biofuels. ...
  • ITER ECE: Plans and Challenges 

    Austin, M.E.; Phillips, P.E; Rowan, W.L; Beno, J; Liu, H-P; Ouroua, A; Ellis, R.F; Harvey, R.W; Hubbard, A.E; Taylor, G; Johnson, D.W.
    Measuring ECE in ITER plasmas will present several difficulties in both hardware and physics that will impede efforts to determine Te(r,t) and characteristics of the electron distribution function. Recent work on the ...
  • The Natural Regions of Texas 

    Johnson, Elmer H. (University of Texas at Austin, 2014-10-08)
  • A tenacious Wave Glider 

    University of Texas Marine Science Institute
  • Thermoregulation As An Alternate Function Of The Sexually Dimorphic Fiddler Crab Claw 

    Darnell, M. Zachary; Munguia, Pablo (2015-09-09)
    Fiddler crabs are highly sexually dimorphic. Males possess one small (minor) feeding claw and one greatly enlarged (major) claw; females possess two small claws. The major claw is used to attract mates and for burrow ...