• Doctoral thesis recital (jazz composition) 

    Wilcher, Marcus (2014-01-28)
    Rhythmic strokes -- Slo jamz -- Trickling down -- Leap frog -- Real talk.
  • Master's thesis recital (composition) 

    Wilcher, Marcus (2011-03-24)
    Dedicated to... -- Beauty in believing -- Pangaean rhapsody -- Jack and Jill -- Malibu & Morgan -- Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • A musical analysis of The abyss suite, a three-movement work for jazz orchestra 

    Wilcher, Marcus (2011-05)
    This treatise, A musical analysis of The abyss suite, examines the musical underpinnings of an original three-movement work for jazz orchestra. Each movement musically represents a certain period of time occurring over the ...
  • Real talk 

    Wilcher, Marcus (2014-05)
    This dissertation is intended as a supportive document for the five-part suite for ten-piece jazz ensemble entitled Real Talk. It is divided into six chapters, four of which are analytical and cover the following topics: ...