• Brasidas & Cleon at Amphipolis 

    Ponczoch, Joseph Anton, 1974- (2006-05)
    This paper examines Thucydides' portrayal of Cleon and Brasidas in the second battle of Amphipolis (422 BC). Thucydides makes them the primary subjects of this climactic episode by relating mainly their words, their thoughts, ...
  • The honor motive in international relations 

    Ofek, Hillel (2013-05)
  • Leadership in Thucydides 

    Nichols, Mary (2016-11-14)
  • Plato and Thucydides on Athenian imperialism 

    Truelove, Scott Matthew (2012-05)
    For over two thousand years, Plato’s superiority to Thucydides was taken as an article of faith in Western philosophy. Nietzsche was the first to challenge this verdict by asserting his view—on philosophical grounds—that ...
  • Political allegiance and imperial expansion in Periclean Athens 

    Graham, Laurie Taylor (2012-05)
    This paper explores the expansion of the Athenian empire as well as her entrance into war with Sparta. It considers the movement of the three Periclean speeches, in order to understand Pericles' particularly grand attempt ...