• The drill down 

    Friel, Katherine Dailey (2012-12)
    The town of Millerton, Pa., has always been a small, rural farming community. Settled atop of the famed Marcellus Shale in the foothills of the Appalachians, there have always been rumors of natural gas in the hills around ...
  • An examination of state regulations of hydraulic fracturing 

    Perkins, Adam Reed (2014-08)
    As hydraulic fracturing gains popularity in the energy industry, the state of Texas finds itself in a very advantageous position. With multiple regions which could have great potential for oil and natural gas extractable ...
  • Forecasting locations and magnitudes of pavement loading due to development activities 

    Alrashidan, Ahmad; 0000-0002-3328-1457 (2015-12)
    Forecasting future at-risk pavement locations can help prevent the expensive costs associated with rebuilding completely destroyed pavement. Optimizing the locations for preemptive maintenance results in better allocation ...
  • Presentation: From Fracking to the 40 Acres 

    Environmental Science Institute; Webber, Michael E. (Environmental Science Institute, 2012-02-24)
  • Study on the feasibility of using electromagnetic methods for fracture diagnostics 

    Saliés, Natália Gastão (2012-08)
    This thesis explores two ways of developing a fracture diagnostics tool capable of estimating hydraulic fracture propped length and orientation. Both approaches make use of an electrically conductive proppant. The fabrication ...