• Algebraic attacks : a survey 

      Agrawal, Shweta Prem (2007-12)
      Algebraic attacks have recently acquired great importance in the area of cryptography, not only due to the ciphers they have been able to break, but more importantly, because the principle of algebraic attacks is very ...
    • Attribute-based encryption : robust and efficient constructions 

      Rouselakis, Ioannis (2013-08)
      Attribute-based encryption is a promising cryptographic primitive that allows users to encrypt data according to specific policies on the credentials of the recipients. For example, a user might want to store data in a ...
    • Cryptoraptor : high throughput reconfigurable cryptographic processor for symmetric key encryption and cryptographic hash functions 

      Sayilar, Gokhan (2014-12)
      In cryptographic processor design, the selection of functional primitives and connection structures between these primitives are extremely crucial to maximize throughput and flexibility. Hence, detailed analysis on the ...
    • Deterministic extractors 

      Kamp, Jesse John, 1979- (2007-05)
    • Deterministic extractors 

      Kamp, Jesse John (2007)
    • Distributed computing and cryptography with general weak random sources 

      Li, Xin, Ph. D. (2011-08)
      The use of randomness in computer science is ubiquitous. Randomized protocols have turned out to be much more efficient than their deterministic counterparts. In addition, many problems in distributed computing and ...
    • Efficient, provably secure code constructions 

      Agrawal, Shweta Prem (2011-05)
      The importance of constructing reliable and efficient methods for securing digital information in the modern world cannot be overstated. The urgency of this need is reflected in mainstream media--newspapers and websites ...
    • Elliptic curves 

      Jensen, Crystal Dawn (2010-08)
      This report discusses the history, use, and future of elliptic curves. Uses of elliptic curves in various number theory settings are presented. Fermat’s Last Proof is shown to be proven with elliptic curves. Finally, the ...
    • Explicit two-source extractors and more 

      Chattopadhyay, Eshan; 0000-0001-9140-3160 (2016-05)
      In this thesis we study the problem of extracting almost truly random bits from imperfect sources of randomness. This is motivated by the wide use of randomness in computer science, and the fact that most accessible sources ...
    • Functional encryption : new proof techniques and advancing capabilities 

      Lewko, Allison Bishop (2012-05)
      We develop the dual system encryption methodology to provide fully secure functional encryption systems. We introduce new proof techniques and explore their applications, resulting in systems that advance the state of the ...
    • Genus 2 curves in pairing-based cryptography and the minimal embedding field 

      Hitt, Laura Michelle, 1979- (2007-08)
      A pairing-friendly hyperelliptic curve over a finite field Fq is one whose group of Fq-rational points of its Jacobian has size divisible by a large prime and whose embedding degree is small enough for computations to ...
    • Practicality of algorithmic number theory 

      Taylor, Ariel Jolishia (2013-08)
      This report discusses some of the uses of algorithms within number theory. Topics examined include the applications of algorithms in the study of cryptology, the Euclidean Algorithm, prime generating functions, and the ...
    • RSA in hardware 

      Gillmore, Brooks Colin (2010-12)
      This report presents the RSA encryption and decryption schemes and discusses several methods for expediting the computations required, specifically the modular exponentiation operation that is required for RSA. A hardware ...
    • The secrets behind cryptography : a mathematical overview 

      Povondra, Amy Becker (2010-08)
      Daily advancements in technology influence many aspects of society. In today’s political and economic era, the need for secure, computerized convenience is apparent. Cryptosystems play a major role for everyone, from an ...