• GEMS : Galaxy Fitting Catalogs and Testing Parametric Galaxy Fitting Codes : GALFIT and GIM2D 

      Haeussler, Boris; McIntosh, Daniel H.; Barden, Marco; Bell, Eric F.; Rix, Hans-Walter; Borch, Andrea; Beckwith, Steven V. W.; Caldwell, John A. R.; Heymans, Catherine; Jahnke, Knud; Jogee, Shardha; Koposov, Sergey E.; Meisenheimer, Klaus; Sanchez, Sebastian F.; Somerville, Rachel S.; Wisotzki, Lutz; Wolf, Christian (2007-10)
      In the context of measuring the structures of intermediate-redshift galaxies with HST ACS surveys, we tune, test, and compare two widely used fitting codes (GALFIT and GIM2D) for fitting single-component Sersic models to ...
    • The M-Sigma And M-L Relations In Galactic Bulges, And Determinations Of Their Intrinsic Scatter 

      Gultekin, Kayhan; Richstone, Douglas O.; Gebhardt, Karl; Lauer, Tod R.; Tremaine, Scott; Aller, Monique C.; Bender, Ralf; Dressler, Alan; Faber, S. M.; Filippenko, Alexei V.; Green, Richard; Ho, Luis C.; Kormendy, John; Magorrian, John; Pinkney, Jason; Siopis, Christos (2009-06)
      We derive improved versions of the relations between supermassive black hole mass (MBH) and host-galaxy bulge velocity dispersion (sigma) and luminosity (L; the M-sigma and M-L relations), based on 49 M-BH measurements and ...
    • The Milky Way Tomography With SDSS. III. Stellar Kinematics 

      Bond, Nicholas A.; Ivezic, Zeljko; Sesar, Branimir; Juric, Mario; Munn, Jeffrey A.; Kowalski, Adam; Loebman, Sarah; Roskar, Rok; Beers, Timothy C.; Dalcanton, Julianne; Rockosi, Constance M.; Yanny, Brian; Newberg, Heidi J.; Prieto, Carlos Allende; Wilhelm, Ron; Lee, Young Sun; Sivarani, Thirupathi; Majewski, Steven R.; Norris, John E.; Bailer-Jones, Coryn A. L.; Fiorentin, Paola Re; Schlegel, David; Uomoto, Alan; Lupton, Robert H.; Knapp, Gillian R.; Gunn, James E.; Covey, Kevin R.; Smith, J. Allyn; Miknaitis, Gajus; Doi, Mamoru; Tanaka, Masayuki; Fukugita, Masataka; Kent, Steve; Finkbeiner, Douglas; Quinn, Tom R.; Hawley, Suzanne; Anderson, Scott; Kiuchi, Furea; Chen, Alex; Bushong, James; Sohi, Harkirat; Haggard, Daryl; Kimball, Amy; McGurk, Rosalie; Barentine, John; Brewington, Howard; Harvanek, Mike; Kleinman, Scott; Krzesinski, Jurek; Long, Dan; Nitta, Atsuko; Snedden, Stephanie; Lee, Brian; Pier, Jeffrey R.; Harris, Hugh; Brinkmann, Jonathan; Schneider, Donald P. (2010-06)
      We study Milky Way kinematics using a sample of 18.8 million main-sequence stars with r < 20 and proper-motion measurements derived from Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and POSS astrometry, including similar to 170,000 ...
    • The Multiwavelength Survey By Yale-Chile (MUSYC) Wide K-Band Imaging, Photometric Catalogs, Clustering, And Physical Properties Of Galaxies At Z Similar To 2 

      Blanc, Guillermo A.; Lira, Paulina; Barrientos, L. Felipe; Aguirre, Paula; Francke, Harod; Taylor, Edward N.; Quadri, Ryan; Marchesini, Danilo; Infante, Leopoldo; Gawiser, Eric; Hall, Patrick B.; Willis, Jon P.; Herrera, David; Maza, Jose (2008-07)
      We present K-band imaging of two similar to 30' x 30' fields covered by the Multiwavelength Survey by Yale-Chile (MUSYC) Wide NIR Survey. The SDSS 1030+05 and Cast 1255 fields were imaged with the Infrared Side Port Imager ...
    • Scale dependence of the alignment between strain rate and rotation in turbulent shear flow 

      Fiscaletti, D.; Elsinga, G. E.; Attili, A.; Bisetti, F.; Buxton, O. R. H. (2016-10)
      The scale dependence of the statistical alignment tendencies of the eigenvectors of the strain-rate tensor e(i), with the vorticity vector omega, is examined in the self-preserving region of a planar turbulent mixing layer. ...
    • Science Study Break - Sherlock Holmes 

      Bryant, Jim; Gosling, Sam (2011-11-10)
    • Some Wholesome Education Statistics 

      University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas at Austin, 1904-03-01)
    • The Texas Mathematics Teachers' Bulletin, Volume XVI, Number 1 

      University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas at Austin, 1932-02-08)
    • Turbulence-Induced Relative Velocity Of Dust Particles. III. The Probability Distribution 

      Pan, Lubin B.; Padoan, Paolo; Scalo, John (2014-09)
      Motivated by its important role in the collisional growth of dust particles in protoplanetary disks, we investigate the probability distribution function (PDF) of the relative velocity of inertial particles suspended in ...
    • Update on the Fishes of Texas Project 

      Cohen, Adam; Hendrickson, Dean A.; Urban, Tomislav; Walling, David; Gentle, John; Garrett, Gary; Casarez, Melissa; Martin, F. Douglas (2017-03-04)
      The Fishes of Texas project (www.fishesoftexas.org), originating in 2006, remains the most reliable (quality controlled) and data rich site for acquiring occurrence data for Texas fishes, holding over 124,000 records ...