• Characteristics Of Kepler Planetary Candidates Based On The First Data Set 

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    In the spring of 2009, the Kepler Mission commenced high-precision photometry on nearly 156,000 stars to determine the frequency and characteristics of small exoplanets, conduct a guest observer program, and obtain ...
  • The Discovery of Entropy -- and its Implications 

    Schulman, Adam (2012-03-26)
  • Making Method Visible: Improving the Quality of Science-Based Regulation 

    Wagner, Wendy (The Center for Global Energy, International Arbitration, and Environmental Law, 2014-10-24)
    Scientific inferences are theories about how the world works that scientists formulate based on their observations. One of the most difficult issues at the intersection of law and science is to determine whether the weight ...
  • Metadata for Data Rescue and Data at Risk 

    Anderson, William L.; Faundeen, John L.; Greenberg, Jane; Taylor, Fraser (2011-09-22)
    Scientific data age, become stale, fall into disuse and run tremendous risks of being forgotten and lost. These problems can be addressed by archiving and managing scientific data over time, and establishing practices that ...
  • Microbial Contaminants in Driking Water 

    University of Texas at Austin; Ramirez, Roland; Environmental Science Institute (undated)
  • Particle Generation During Photoresist Dissolution 

    Chauhan, S.; Somervell, M.; Carcasi, M.; Scheer, S.; Bonnecaze, R. T.; Mack, C.; Willson, C. G. (2010)
    A lattice-type Monte Carlo based mesoscale model and simulation of the lithography process has been described previously [1]. The model includes the spin coating, post apply bake, exposure, post exposure bake and development ...
  • Photobase Generator Assisted Pitch Division 

    Gu, X. Y.; Bates, C. M.; Cho, Y. J.; Kawakami, T.; Nagai, T.; Ogata, T.; Sundaresan, A. K.; Turro, N. J.; Bristol, R.; Zimmerman, P.; Willson, C. G. (2010-02)
    The drive to sustain the improvements in productivity that derive from following Moore's law has led the semiconductor industry to explore new technologies that enable production of smaller and smaller features on semiconductor ...
  • Science Study Break - Doctor Who 

    University of Texas at Austin (2014-03-04)
    About Science Study Break: Take a break from the books and join UT researchers for cookies, chips, and chat about popular movies and TV shows that deal with science topics. Many viewers uncritically accept scientific ...
  • Understanding Environmental Models in Their Legal and Regulatory Context 

    Fisher, Elizabeth; Pascual, Pasky; Wagner, Wendy E. (2010-01-01)
  • Why Future Scientists, Physicians, and Engineers Should Study the Great Books 

    Harper, Richard; Trout, Bernhardt; Mark, Hans (2010-10-18)