• Metadata for Data Rescue and Data at Risk 

    Anderson, William L.; Faundeen, John L.; Greenberg, Jane; Taylor, Fraser (2013-04-29)
    Scientific data age, become stale, fall into disuse and run tremendous risks of being forgotten and lost. These problems can be addressed by archiving and managing scientific data over time, and establishing practices that ...
  • Metadata training in New Mexico: A case study 

    Lubas, Rebecca; Schneider, Ingrid; Jackson, Amy S. (2011 Transborder Library Forum/Foro Transfronterizo de Bibliotecas, 2011-08-23)
  • Reducing Metadata Errors in an IR with Distributed Submission Privileges 

    Lyon, Colleen; Cofield, Melanie; Borrego, Gilbert (2015-06-05)
    The distributed nature of many repositories means that standardizing metadata input is very difficult. At the University of Texas at Austin, there are over 50 people who have permission to upload content to the UT Digital ...