• Automated analysis of product disassembly to determine environmental impact 

    Agu, David Ikechukwu (2009-08)
    Manufacturers are increasingly being held responsible for the fate of their products once they reach their end-of-life phase. This research uses a combination of total disassembly time and recyclability to gauge the ...
  • The Economic and Workforce Impacts of Hurricane Katrina, Demographic and Related Changes on NASA's Space Shuttle Program 

    King, Christopher T.; Kellison, J. Bruce; Smith, Tara; Evans, Eliza; Anderson, MaryAnn; Merjanian, Ara; Hadley, Bryan; Stackhouse, Andrew (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 2007-03-30)
    Two reports on the economic and workforce effects of Hurricane Katrina, aging workforce and related factors on NASA's Space Shuttle Program efforts along the Gulf Coast. The research was conducted by a joint team from the ...
  • Opportunity on the Horizon: Photovoltaics in Texas 

    Kellison, J. Bruce; Evans, Eliza; Houlihan, Katharine; Hoffman, Michael; Kuhn, Michael; Serface, Joel; Pham, Tuan (IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, 2007-06)
    Report on the economic potential of the solar energy industry in Texas.
  • Planning Forum Volume 06 

    Danenfelzer, David (The University of Texas School of Architecture, 2000)
  • Planning Forum Volume 10 

    Ferguson, Tommi; Otto, Seth S. (The University of Texas School of Architecture, 2004)
  • The Politics of Sustainable Development in Japan 

    Park, Jacob (IC² Institute, 1999-01-28)
    Discusses three important questions and issues regarding Japan’s role in global environmental affairs: how the environmental movement has evolved in Japan; what the country’s major environmental policy challenges are on ...
  • Pollution Abatement Spending and Corporate Profitability: Texas Manufacturing 

    Fujii, Hidemichi; Kellison, J. Bruce; Gibson, David V. (Bureau of Business Research, The University of Texas at Austin, 2010-08)
    Manufacturing firms are generally on the front lines of environmental protection because most industrial pollution is a result of manufacturing activity. The problem is that firms do not have strong incentives for pollution ...
  • Texas Wind Industry's Rapid Growth Creates New Challenges 

    Furgeson, Will (Bureau of Business Research, The University of Texas at Austin, 2010-02)
    In the past decade, Texas began to harness some of its abundant wind potential and, in the process, became an international wind energy leader. The state currently accounts for more than 25 percent of installed wind energy ...