• An Abrupt Transition in the Mechanical Response of the Upper Crust to Transpression Along the Queen Charlotte Fault 

    Trehu, Anne M.; Scheidhauer, Maren; Rohr, Kristin M. M.; Tikoff, Basil; Walton, Maureen A. L.; Gulick, Sean P. S.; Roland, Emily C. (2015-05)
    The Queen Charlotte Fault (QCF) is a major strike-slip fault that forms the boundary between the Pacific and North American plates from 51 degrees to 58 degrees N. Near 53.2 degrees N, the angle of oblique convergence ...
  • Basis Pursuit Receiver Function 

    Sen, Mrinal K.; Biswas, Reetam; Mandal, Prantik; Kumar, Prakash (2014-12)
    Receiver functions (RFs) are derived by deconvolution of the horizontal (radial or transverse) component of ground motion from the vertical component, which segregates the PS phases. Many methods have been proposed to ...
  • Induced Dynamic Nonlinear Ground Response at Garner Valley, California 

    Lawrence, Zack; Bodin, Paul; Langston, Charles A.; Pearce, Fred; Gomberg, Joan; Johnson, Paul A.; Menq, Farn-Yuh; Brackman, Thomas (2008-06)
    We present results from a prototype experiment in which we actively induce, observe, and quantify in situ nonlinear sediment response in the near surface. This experiment was part of a suite of experiments conducted during ...
  • Presentation: When the Earth Quakes 

    Marrett, Randall; Environmental Science Institute (Environmental Science Institute, 2000-08-25)
  • Reference Rock Site Condition for Central and Eastern North America 

    Hashash, Youssef M. A.; Kottke, Albert R.; Stewart, Jonathan P.; Campbell, Kenneth W.; Kim, Byungmin; Moss, Cheryl; Nikolaou, Sissy; Rathje, Ellen M.; Silva, Walter J. (2014-04)
    The reference rock site condition has two important applications for ground-motion prediction in the stable continental region of central and eastern North America (CENA). (1) It represents the site condition for which ...
  • The Southwest earthquake of July 30, 1925 

    Udden, Johan August (University of Texas at Austin, 1926-03-01)
  • Vesuvius. 79 AD 

    Barker, Daniel S. (2010-09)