• Aristophanes' Critique of the Gods 

      Ambler, Wayne (2011-03-25)
    • How to BBQ a comedy the UT way: the writing of Club Fed 

      Pinkerton, Kevin Jeffrey (2009-08)
      In this thesis report I describe in detail the conception of a fictional story set in present-day Florida and the Caribbean and its development as a screenplay, the University of Texas Graduate School learning environment ...
    • Language and power in Roman comedy 

      Rich, Laura Brooke (2009-05)
      The theory of powerless speech suggests that speakers in powerless social positions use more “powerless” speech acts than their social superiors. This report will use two such powerless speech acts, hedges and tag questions, ...
    • Le Legataire Universel 

      Regnard, Jean Francois (University of Texas at Austin, 1912-12-15)
    • The LIBERATOR, Issue 3 

      University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas at Austin, 2012-02-27)